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Ugh Dr Vile *Spoilers*

I was enjoying his route then he suddenly goes off accusing the mc as a spy and an enemy.

Up and Left?!?

I was going to be annoyed, too, until I got the drone ending. Part of me felt like that was where things were going, anyways. It sounds like you didn’t get that, tho?

Nope… even though used gems n did everything I was supposed to.

:scream: I think I saw you mentioned that on another post! Did you email them separately and give them your support key to see how that can be fixed? I wonder if they could at least reset that last bit for you so you can see that ending :pensive:

I didnt get the drone ending and I didnt use diamonds, I only do for the female characters. I was hoping it would be a crazy crime/love story. Like a tech version of Bonny and Clyde

Drone ending? I just got the message with him getting all paranoid and then he went grey.

I was pretty disappointed with the whole storyline anyway. I thought it might be fun, but he turned out to be a bit lame imo.

I’m guessing as it sounds like I’m not the only one, it’s a case of shut up n put up… not sure how his story can continue to play out for those of us who got a different version … maybe it’s the end of the road with him for some and others can continue idk i just think ludia should have made us aware of the fact that there were 2 different endings to his (and possibly other matches) stories… just bummed I wasted all those gems for nothing tbh.