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Ugh... Just... Ugh

You have a really entertaining game here. The Explore missions are challenging and reward strategic play. I really enjoy the combat. However, the entire experience is soured by a litany of poor design decisions and greedy ambitions.

VIP is hardly worthy of the title. I signed up because on my first day playing I happened by 3 VIP items in chests. It’s been 5 days, and I’m fairly certain I have only received 6 VIP items. On top of that, the event rewards system is awful. If I earn a die, I should earn a reward. Not the opportunity to choose my reward. Further, the recurring monthly cost without so much as a daily reward is incredibly steep! Try looking at Disney heroes and reward subscribers with daily sums of gems, gold, and gear all for a fraction of what you’re charging.

Gem costs and chest costs are far too expensive! $50 to be able to open an epic chest 2x is unfathomable. I don’t see the reward for the amount of money being asked for here. Sure, the game has been designed to damn near force players to spend money to advance. But that doesn’t mean anyone is going to feel good doing it under these circumstances. Lower the costs over all, and players will feel more welcomed into spending money.

Battles. I like 'em. However, the random character selection is down right skeevey. You know players want to pick a rounded party with their favorite characters. But we’re being shoehorned into leveling all characters to avoid being caught with our pants down.

Ludia really needs to adjust the strategy here, especially if they want return customers. As of now, I won’t be returning. My subscription has been cancelled. Whether I renew or not is up to you guys.


PREACH! I want to enjoy the game, but the bloody pay walls are just at every corner and having difficult dungeons is pointless if you’re not getting decent loot for completion to help you with said dungeons. I’m not even going to say my opinion on PvP cause you said it better than what I could of and less rude.

I’ve been here two days, and that’s long enough. On top of the incredibly avaricious attitude (hint: we know you want our money, but reminding us of that every 30 seconds pretty much ruins your game) it’s not even an exciting game. Pretty basic really. When you see some of the flawless epic games out there that manage to earn plenty of money without punishing the entire player base, you really expect us to chuck dollar at this clunky bug ridden effort? Delusional. Too much greed, too little effort.