Ugh Ludia really doesn‘t like me lol

Well the good news is that I did win the halloween epic strike tower and got an epic incubator. Got also much useful stuff I think.
Also I got 153 DNA for Rexy. Was sooo happy and used this to fuse for Indominus. But then I only got 10 DNA three times.

Maaaaaaan that‘s not nice, Ludia. Why do I only get 30 DNA when I invested 1500 Velo DNA and 150 Rexy DNA? Are you kidding me?

Ugh!! Still long road to damn Indominus…Rexy sometimes is showing up only once a week and then when I finally got her DNA I‘m only getting 10 for Indominus?

C‘mon! :triumph:

Well, nevertheless thank you very much for my first epic incubator since weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got 200ish Monolophosaurus. 10 10 30 10 on Monomimus.

Sure it brings everything down. I think most people would prefer Ludia gave us a sensible amount everytime and no RND.


I mean why is there such a big luck factor? Would definitely prefer a specific amount of fused DNA.

Know what I mean?

The thing that amuses me is if it ONLY ever gave 10 DNA… Nobody would get upset but because it CAN give more its expected.

Its more because the results differ so much because of this, while 0 skill is involved.
A friend and I play a lot together, his indoraptor is 28, mine is 25.
Why? because he has an average of around 30 dna, and me around 14.

I think the minimum needs to be changed to 20, or at the very least it needs to be made that it can only give you a 10 once like every ten fuses. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I usually have pretty good luck with fusing but yesterday was a joke. I got more tens than all other numbers combined and dinos that should have been levelled for the amount of DNA I had of their ingredients didn’t get levelled. I think my averages were 14-16 per fuse when it’s supposed to be 22 per fuse.

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a small note to the 22 thing, it was the result of poll, perhaps not the ludia intent.

I would say make 20 have a higher chance and everything else a bit lower, that balances luck somewhat better.

So jelly of that Monolophosaurus DNA,
I’d be stoked with a couple of 10 fuses. I love that scrawny chicken. :rooster:

Yeah I know it’s not intent or anything. But I have always calculated my fuse average Everytime I finish fusing something, and it has always been spot on at 22-24 average per fuse. Except for yesterday when every single thing I fused averaged 14-16.

well, from my perspective you have always been lucky so far then :rofl: