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🤦‍♂️ Ugh....ok seriously

now to be clear beforehand I hit him/her with distracting impact after he/she went instant invincibility and then I went for R&R. So we all no this is the problem with invincibility taunt and used to be with II too. Now I like to put forth this description

Now this is different from taunt invincibility that says

Now we know that a turn means any action a creature does. For self buff effects it counts your turns; for debuff effects it counts your opponents turns. Now according to the description II block two attacks for this turn (the turn your current on) now that should mean its like the way all II played before yet it plays like II taut and like ugh…and they changed this cause the description in the guide which was how it was in the original 2.0 update

Like come ludia choose a lane. There is no way you guys can say a instant long invincibility ins’t broken at all


@Bart_H or @OrigamiRobot any comment cause I’m just confused, frustrated and ticked off at this point

Lasting 1 turn is different from “this” turn. For example, if you look at the negative effects like pinning, a creature that is about to be unpinned (the last turn) says “Pinning for this turn” However, another turn after sarcorixis uses immobilize, for example, it would say “Pinned for 1 turn”. I think this means “1 more turn”. Should instant invincibility do this, no, but it is what it is

Ok but it’s like absolutely bonkers and takes away from that you get a shot but powerful effect that priorities have

Thankfully it has a 3 turn cooldown

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I still can’t believe I lost to THAT thing just because of the weird II

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Lol ya…doesn’t help especially when your Speed is your only hope of finishing maxima, tryko, or say this

This is incorrect. There is no mechanical distinction between “lasting 1 turn” and “lasting this turn”, at least for these two abilities.

@Thylo_75 I am a little confused at what you’re saying is the problem. From your description, it sounds like the situation is this:


If this is the case, that is the correct behavior for Instant Invincibility.

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Yes there is. When you have a status effect in battle, it will read “1 turn” for an effect lasting this turn and the next. For “this turn”, it will only last for that turn.

Basic this @OrigamiRobot just confuses since this turn should be the turn it’s on and one turn should be this and next turn right?

What you are calling “this turn and the next” is not how turns work. 1 turn is the same as this turn. The moves are exactly the same except for the taunt.

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Your still on “this” turn until the shielded Dino goes again.

Just stop think anything about this game uses traditional turns.

Lol it’s hard when it’s been like this for two year and there is three variations on the same move

With pinning and shields, there is a difference between “1 turn” and “this turn”

I don’t know what to tell you. Instant invincibility and Instant Invincibility Taunt are the same move except for the taunt. It doesn’t matter what the descriptions say, the mechanical functionality is exactly the same between the two. If you want me to look at another move for comparison, I can do that, but these two are identical.

The “afflicted” Dino is who turns actually count. So it’s the targets turns that count.

I’m talking about other shielding and pinning effects. “This turn” is different from “1 turn” when the status effect is up

Between these two abilities, there is no difference between “1 turn” and “this turn”. I can’t speak to whatever other abilities you’re talking about because you haven’t named them. I will be happy to look at them if you tell me what to look at.

Immobilize differentiates between the 2, as does other moves like shielding decel

Just because the dynamic text uses the words doesn’t mean they are mechanically different. Give me two other moves that use of “this turn” and “1 turn” and I will tell you if they are actually different.