Ugh really


The match I just had really sucked. So I was against an indoraptor using stegodeus, indominus Rex and gorgosuchus. His indoraptor was 24 and my dinos were level 22 so not super mismatched or anything. The match ended with all three of my dinosaurs dead and his indoraptor not getting hit by a single attack. Still at full health…


I’m a lower level than you, but I’ve had the same problem as you with indominus rex. I only killed it with a gorgosuchus after it uncloaked, and it was only cause I got a critical. And not before it was left with 400 health. What moves did indoraptor have


I’m not even saying I didn’t kill it. I’m saying it killed three dinosaurs on its own without even taking a single hit. It has Armor piercing strike, cleansing impact, defense shattering rampage and evasive stance.


It’s a unique, suck it up. You know how hard it is to get those? Provided it wasn’t a hacker.


I’m aware exactly how hard it is to get those I have my own at 22. This was a post about probabilities and how crazy stuff can be. It wasn’t meant as whining.


I’ve had 2 or 3 matches where an indoraptor dodged 6 times. It wasn’t fun.