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Ugly Mildew covered chicken

When is this going to be countered by something? Because this is just getting insane. ! Tryko rampage of 3680 only leaves me with a dead dino.(upload://wQ9SHiVAaRYeMI8sPrOOrlOUMgk.jpeg)


My martian chicken = Procerathomimus takes offence at your suggestion to * dumbing it down * henceforth my martian chicken will be increased to LV20 in stat boosts to counter your outrage at being clobbered by a puny martian chicken that only wants to give you a high 5 ( slap in the face ) with enough brutal force to put your teeth through the wall 50 feet behind you ! lol


that chicken bothers me so much that I already start wanting to inject the Stat Boost into my carbodemys and turn it into a hypertrophied turtle

I though “Ugly mildew covered chicken" was referring to Phorasaura. Was extremely surprised to find it was Wrathomimus, I don’t know why you say ”mildew covered" and it just needs a minor hp and attack adjustment.

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it’s really a very annoying chicken, they gave him a lot of power and health

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With too much DNA for Thor passed around something that was a near perfect counter, and easy to level up as Thor was" had to be.

Armor, shields, A turn 2 swap in of Alankylo irritates Procera, The Turtle Hybrid absolutely tortures the bird was well. They also tend to run away from Stegodeus and Maxima.

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Had a few after thoughts.

Purutaurus makes it really nervous and a game of who guesses right ensues.
Miragaia also makes it get edgy with constant counter attacks.

Mongostegatops and Quetzorion can also cause another who guesses right situation.

So basically the chicken is here to demolish dinos that heavily rely on Defense Shatter attacks.