Uh ludia are you going to release brachiosaurus in the wild or not


Its been a month since the 1.3 update and brachiosaurus is till not avalible in the wild and i could get her during the apple store promotion cause there was no apple store where i live and i live in canada i really want brachiosaurus just cause it one of my favorite dinosaurs not for arena i hope ludia releases her for next weeks showcase


You’ve done today’s strike battle right. There is a chance of getting a tiny amount.


Yeah i didnt get any :frowning:


Me neither. I think it’s silly giving some people a small amount and others none. If anything should be varied it should be the small amount so at least everyone gets something for it.


Yeah ludia is just teasing us


Well, I had to send in a support ticket since MY tiny trickle is MIA so hopefully everything works out for everyone, somehow, in the end.


Hopefully it won’t be long before they start to appear in the wild or show up at event drops.