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Uh oh glitch in the elasmotherium


:confused: but the updates out that’s the good thing


Be very cautious if you intend using this dino ( Elasmotherium ) in battles…
it slows down the game considerably when it first enters battle by a mile
i have tried battling it and when it comes at you as it enters battle suddenly
it is like you are fighting in a giant tub of jello ! you cant select any of your
battle moves as they do not appear on screen unless you just happen to
tap on where you think they are even if you cant see them. but even funnier
is that when it attacks you in battle parts of its body vanish and according to
its battle stats it does not have a cloak like the indoraptor or a few other dino’s
that have the cloaking ability in battle. so all i can say is arena battler beware of this dino period !

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