Uh-oh... Now what?

I think my experiment backfired. Dropped as low as I could and lost all the way down to 38 trophies and the Training Grounds. Now the battle button is greyed out and I can’t battle! Lol… Oops.

Any advice? I put in my lowest level dinos and still nothing. @Ned

EDIT: I restarted the game at it put me at Fallen Kingdom with 60 trophies. Seems like 60 is as low as it gets. Now… Time to test the new matchmaking algorithm.


Good god, how long did it take to drop that far? I tried arena dropping once and after an hour of losing I was only down about 300 trophies so this must have been days of work. I think youve won the award for dedicated losing streak


Try maybe opening all ur incubators? It may not do anything but hey

About 2-1/2 days.

Now I’m going to field teams of various level averages and see when matchmaking starts to fail…

Just trying to keep myself interested in the game.

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As @Creative_Screen_name says… that’s… impressive :flushed: 2-3 days… you must have spent many hours achieving that!!

…watching your climb with interest! Good luck :blush:


Well, when you’re just trying to lose it’s pretty easy to poke a button without much thought, though at the end I really had to plan a bit. My lowest dinos are L10, and was mostly paired with L1’s. Interestingly enough I was ALWAYS paired with AI - unless I won a fight. Then I got a real opponent for ONE fight. The back to AI. I also never got the 30 second timer below 3500 trophies, straight to an AI match.

So far my A team with an average of L29.5 does NOT get matched fairly. I’m way above my opponents. I switched it up to all epics with an average of about L14 and am getting some fun, tough battles. Made it to 185 trophies. Some wins, some losses.

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Thanks! Like I said, trying to make the game interesting for myself again.

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I hear you, in every way!

Keep us posted, very interested in your findings :slight_smile:


So, I’m at almost 300 trophies now. Here are recent opponents when I was using my top team. Very large trophy gap, but my dinos were many levels above my opponents dinos.

Here are opponents when i put in my lower level team. Much much smaller gap and dinos are all on par with each other.

Here is the current lower level team. It’s pretty fun!


2200 and in the Badlands - which are truly BADlands. First mega boosted dinos (mostly sino, L’s 15-20, a gorgo, and allosino) and got smacked by my first dracoG2. Prior to that battling was interesting and fun. Wondering what 2500 to 3500 will hold… and when the first boosted Thor and DC will start to appear…

My team right now -

First post got auto-flagged, will probably show up sometime, but in the badlands with this team, and fighting the first boosted dinos I’ve seen, and got smacked by dracoG2 for the first time - around 2200 trophies. Winning more than I lose, but by no means is it easy pickings with this team.