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Uh oh~ someone forgot~


That I had a fourth fully healed dino that I hadn’t brought out yet, just waiting to use on their cancerous dino

Hehe, sucker.

Wish I recorded it :frowning:


Oh forgetting that people have four dinosaurs in a match I also forget as we


I suspect everyone has a dracog2 now so I always try to keep a fully healed fourth dino. Usually works, by this point all their dinos are either dead or low health and I’ve taken two out. So its either pull a dracog2 out and do what you can and switch to their other near dead dino that’s going to die upon swapping anyway.
Normally I’ll have my Megalosuchus as my last dino, but it was my indo this time. They had already used it against my Suchotator and it took a hit from my Pyrri. They then pulled out their indo, my pyrri nearly killed it, then they swapped to their near dead Dracog2 and I pulled out my unused indo.

It was bloody glorious.


Well, you do have a high arena, haven’t faced much dg2’s yet. I might get one but it’s just that mine is underleveled.

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Don’t use it. Just don’t, there are better dinos to use. Use counters to it instead.

A member in my alliance put miragaia on her team and it’s been helping her against Dracog2. :slight_smile:


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Still unsure why Dracorex looks like a programming error switched their attacks or something. Dracorex is a rare, Dracorex gen 2 is a common.


They did it on purpose, this is just another “oops” for Ludia.

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@Asta Yeah, once 1.6 drops they’ll likely come clean about it being a “gross miscalculation” and nerf it heavily, hoping that those players that concentrated on exploiting it will buy more stuff trying to level up replacements.

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I wouldn’t be surprised.


Awww, apparently I hurt someone’s feelings and they flagged my post.


Probably from @DracorexGen2


Yeah, it’s a lamo dino for a lamo gamo. JWA devs are so dumb. But so long as that $$$ keeps rolling on those scents and incs, they’ll keep making stupid decisions and not fix any of the broken stuff. #dracogen2cansuckit


Draco2 is such garbage but so far since putting mira, kentro, and raja I’ve been doing much better. I’ve also got nondopatasuarus to counter attackers , shield n pinning strike are all things u use to kill that sucker. Oh and I’ve got a couple regen dinos too.

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Right now my DG2 is level 15 and that’s as high as it’s going to be for now. Only leveled it enough to meet fusion requirements. The only way I’ll level it up now is if they make it part of a Unique fusion and I have to get it to 20… or if I have a bunch of gold burning a hole in my pocket and nothing else to spend it on but I don’t see that happening.


You’re better than that comment Stego…
edit and try again. I know u can come up with something else

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RNG seems to broken even more today. Draco is criting every time someone brings it in. Because it needs to be more powerful, so devs sniped a 100% crit on it with a stealth patch.

Stuns are also not working. Opponent’s stegacera didn’t stun, my utahsino didn’t stun, opponent’s toura didn’t stun. All within 3 battles fought in a row.

Devs really need to fix battle or everyone but the spoofers are going to be gone. And we all know they are leaving once they have all 30s and get sick of fighting each other for prizes they don’t need. Which will then leave…no one…

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Oof, sounds like a string of bad luck. :frowning: