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Uh oh

I hope this is just a glitch and not a sign that PVP matchmaking needs patched again.

This was in regular pvp. I did not wait to make a match. This match came about 7 seconds after I requested one

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Another PVP battle outside is what has become the normal range… I get the feeling that they are mixing people fighting in PVP with people fighting in TOM… @Ned @John is this what is happening?

Can confirm that ToM battles are mixed with ordinary PVP. There aren’t enough active players to segregate.

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Unfortunately support and forum moderation appear to be flagging this issue as spam. I don’t anticipate any of the mods to respond.

Mt attempts to contact support [as edited by moderators] are noted in this topic:

Perhaps the developers have finally concluded they are invariably inept at match-making and have chosen to figuratively bury their heads and hope the complaints fade away.

The previous Test of Might events also pooled normal Battle mode players against ToM players. This was apparent when you queue into the same players but their trophy count did not change.

Part of the issue is that event MMR is hidden and only Battle mode trophy count is displayed.

What’s happening is that matchmaking is using the hidden event MMR to pair opponents to either other hidden event MMR or Battle mode trophy count.

If you are playing battle mode the trophy count is more than 200 asay even without pressing wait, you are likely encountering someone running Test of Might.

The developers know better than to mix Tom with non-Tom. Common sense dictates some players will randomly receive an unfair advantage. All ToM players are trying to win while some non-Tom players are striving to lower their trophy counts. This error is imbecilic.

This mess could have been avoided simply by re-setting the bot algorithm to what existed prior to update 12. Bots could have been utilized rather than foolishly augmenting the event with non-Tom players. The developers have attained master status in functional mismanagement.

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Another mismatch, in my favor but still frustrating. I stand up for and am very outspoken for this game and this forum in most instances. Even to the point of having been accused of secretly working for this company. However, this mixing TOM and PVP without explicitly saying it will happen, is crap. I saw someone say that it happened before but it doesn’t matter. Just because the same heroes can be used doesn’t change the fact that these are two different aspects of the game and have different goals. I played until I lost my 3 bouts in TOM and am done with it because I know it will take too many gems to get anything worthwhile. Now to be able to play PVP and eventually win my chests, including the VIP one that I pay for, I now have to risk being pitted against people much higher in trophies than me and wasting my time and losing trophies or people much lower than me where I have to risk losing 50 trophies just to possibly win 10.


Hey! Where’s my accusation?

Lol I have a lot of issues with this game and I am not afraid to say so. However, overall I think it is very fun and am not afraid to say that either. I also know that it will never be perfect for all levels at all times. I call people out when I feel they are being overly sensitive, expecting to much, or hypocritical or contradicting themselves. Some people don’t like that.

Ok. I posted twice and deleted as it just sounded like crying. But PVP is still not right.

I now lost 9 in a row…

3 in event against way higher players.
6 in a row where I do no damage or am one or two shot.
Now I am down to 1480 score and player has score hundreds of points above me…Abovel 2210…How is this possible still? This was to be fixed!?? Is my score not changing in matchups??

Developers…at least give me a chance by fair pairings!!! I really want to pvp, but even dropping a ton of score I still get outclassed?? Is under 1000 where people can compete or will I still go against those with 2100 plus score?

Really, why does this keep happening?? It is not bad luck…something is not working.

Please specify if you queued into Battle mode or ToM for your 6 losses and where you see your trophy ratings disparities.

ToM doesn’t appear to have the latest supposed pvp fix applied to it. I faced mostly +200 trophies over me and at least 1 rank higher. Also faced a few that was the other way around in ToM. It was a miserable experience finishing it up today. It has also caused me to post a few rants and later delete them. Thought about skipping it because the rewards are not worth the pain. I didn’t have any rewards in challenge mode worth chasing though.

In ToM, I’ve faced people in normal battle mode and visa versa. Was like that for every ToM to date. Really doesn’t mater what mode he’s running, it looks like whenever ToM is running your event trophies dictate your matchups which is probably causing these crazy matchups right now. I suspect everything will go back to normal once ToM ends.

…And they found another way to break pvp. Is exactly what I thought reading your reply. Haven’t done much battle mode since ToM started. Will watch for it tonight farming daily chests. I wouldn’t bet against your theory.

Matchmaking for the event has its own trophy count, which is a hidden variable. The trophy scores you see are for battle mode only which is meaningless to event matchmaking. See my guide for details:

That theory could explain why the only 4 players I faced once I got over 25ish wins. Were all in the top 8. Probably catching them while they doing normal pvp. Based on the fact they had finished event trophy count.

I understand that, but since ToM started, I’ve been facing people with trophies counts about 500-1000 below mine in normal battle mode because they thought it’d be beneficial to tank their trophies. I know they are in ToM mode because win or lose their trophy count doesn’t move, but mine most definitely does.

Again, I am only doing normal battle mode. I’m skipping the event because it’s silly.

To be fair to devs, how I hate saying that… originally they planned on using last seasons highest count for matching. Last season was such a debacle, those numbers didn’t mean anything. ToM also started before this seasons trophy count stabilized. Who tanked and who just hasn’t played to move up? The end result is the same BROKEN.

Yeah, your current battle mode trophy count is within 200 of their current event trophy count and so you’re being matched.

Not much you can do about it right now, but it isn’t a mistake of matchmaking, which is working as intended. It shouldn’t happen next ToM now that people aren’t incentivized to tank prior to the event.

Part of the problem I think is that a lot of people probably still don’t know of the matchmaking is suppose to work. I would guess that most people don’t even know about this forum since they took the in game link out. It was broadcast in here but not in game how it would work. I think there will still be a lot of people tanking next time

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