Uh, what Trophy Issues



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Lol thanks!!! (I guess? :thinking:)

Are you not pleased by this?

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What’s going on I’m rank 179 , has there been glitch or something, am only 4379 points ?

4268 even.

HA :joy::see_no_evil::woman_facepalming:

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are people finally quitting?

Hey everyone, there might be some readjusting going on with the leaderboard. Could you restart your game and see if it fixes the current ranking? If you’re still having issues, please contact our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key along with a screenshot. Thanks!

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You’re all number 1 in my book! Great job, guys! :smile:

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Nope. I’m accepting this as my rank :joy::laughing:


Trophies gone to zero

Are they being reset or is it another glitch?

Gratz to everyone who is number 1 you deserve it.


I recently noticed my Friends List has half of my friends with 0 trophies. Does anyone know the cause of this? There’s about 20 at zero. I find it hard to believe they all cheated. Could it be from inactivity? Inquiring minds want to know.

Why was my topic merged here? Two different questions. Instead of taking the time to merge it why not take the time to answer the question? Good help is hard to find I guess.

Hey MrBig, there was a small maintenance today that could have affected some of the trophy counts for some players. However, this is just visual, and once they restart their game, it should return to normal.

Sorry for the snarky reply. It has actually been like this for weeks. I just chose today to mention it. I figured it was from inactivity since it looks like none of them have played in awhile.

That sounds kind of weird that it was like this for weeks. It should be back to normal today, but it might take some time for certain trophy numbers on your friend’s list to sync in because it’ll depend on when that player restarts or logs back into their game again. However, if you see that there might be an issue, could you contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com so they can take a look? It’d be helpful if you included a screenshot of your friends list and your support key in the email as well. Thanks!