Uhhhh.... Limit on wild Creatures?!

Not my picture, but someone I know got this message when they went to dart an Edaph. They darted 5 Edaph prior to this. Anyone else get this message yet with the pursuit creatures or any others that aren’t under stops?



Are you kidding me? This is completely unacceptable.

@Ned Ludia refuses to communicate, please press them on this ASAP.


This is ludia’s fix for short range spawns. Since everyone recognizes its a bad idea, they will just limit how many you can do.



So is it a limit on the hybrid pursuit? Having ANY limit on this is ridiculous, let alone one as small as 5.


is it only epics?

and why theres kermit

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What if it’s something that’s supposed to spawn in your area, like Inostrancevia last week. If you live in it’s zone, would you just not be able to dart any more?

There seem to be limits on all short range spawns. The number 30 is associated with Rares and the number 10 is associated with Epics. I’m not sure if those are the limits yet, but I’m investigating. Whatever the relationship is, this is not a fun feature.


I was only able to dart a few edaphosaurus before it gave me a “limit reached” prompt. This is extremely strange and honestly, extremely stupid. It would be in your best interest to revert this change as it just makes hybrid pursuits almost entirely pointless


Great, so not only are short range spawns making you walk around during a pandemic, they limit the number of spawns you’re allowed to dart? They’re literally putting a limit on how much you’re allowed to play the game. So unless you use scents, you just aren’t allowed to dart stuff?

I always thought it was ridiculous when people would say they were quitting the game after an update, but man if this isn’t making me seriously consider that. This needs to be reversed IMMEDIATELY.


just imagine opening your epic scent and those epics have a limit


Scented creatures are not the same as short range spawns.

Oh Ludia I thought you couldn’t get any more greedy or worse but you keep proving me wrong don’t ya.


The more and more I read this stuff about the update over the last few hours , the more and more I feel the need to stop playing. This used to be a great game but I feel this will be the final nail in the coffin of this game if things are not changed and if ludia doesn’t sit up and pay attention .


There are 0 reasons why Ludia deserves to have a fan base that is as loyal as they are.

But here we are. Playing this game daily. Spending our money on it. All so that they can turn out product like this.

Its really a shame.


How is this a good idea!?

Oh wait, its NOT.

I love how this was also not in the patch notes. How surprising, not.


Seriously, Ludia?! :woman_facepalming:t3:

Oh I want to make a parody so bad but I feel like I’ll get banned…you know what screw it.

Nothing surprised me anymore.

Everything got nerfed from coins, supply drops, towers, chests, spawn rates and now darting attempts.

Good business model anyhows as now we are forced to visit the stores more frequently…



I have played different games, and I have different games on my mobile phone, but I have never seen such a greedy game, is that the only way to advance in the game is to spend real money, and he believed that the game should change that landscape Even Jurassic World The Game is easier to get things and it is totally free, although whoever wants to be a VIP can be, but in Jurassic World Alive it is all about buying to get the most of everything and I do not agree that it is so. And that for me is greed.

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