Uhhhh.... Limit on wild Creatures?!

So looks like the creature pursuit is now just like the treasure pursuit… pointless. You don’t want me to go out and want me to move around while playing your AR game, Ludia? Or you do, you just want to cap what it is I can dart… is that it? I’m not supposed to collect DNA in this DNA collecting game?? I’m just confused.



I was thinking nothing can shock me anymore, BUT this?!

Sorry, but that’s it for me.
When they confirm that these limits are correct then I’m out of here.

Limitation on any creature (except special week) is an absolute No-go.
I don’t want to be part of any step in this direction!

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Going to be interesting for the 6 epics at the end of the week when we are only allowed to dart some of the one we want. I want all dippy this week, guess I am not allowed?

@Ned ,This wasn’t on the patchnote, can we have more information about it?


THE END – December 2020.

All players upset.

You destroyed all fans.

Good luck Ludia!


Surely this is a wind up…

I’m impressed people have darted that many - I’ve seen one all week…

it was global in 2.0,i have almost 10k myself.
It would have been nice to see it global once again

no info regarding this?..really bad change tbh…

Why would they put this in the patch notes. After all the hate they got for 2.3, this would make it sound even worse. Adding “we will now limit the amount of times you can dart ___________ creatures” is gonna get a huge backlash

That being said, Ludia, this is what is called a “dumb move”. I’m not sure if you are trying to keep players or push them away. For a game that wants us to go out and hunt (as that is the whole point of this game), this feature is the exact opposite. Horrendously Horrendous decision


Hey DPG members, I’ve forwarded this to our team and they are looking into it.


Thanks. This should be removed pronto

Can you also let them know Indoraptor gen 1 needs a serious overhaul?? Thanks Ned :slight_smile:

Hey Piere87, could you kindly ask the player who experienced this to reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with their support key?

For any other DPG members who had experienced the Max Attempts Reached message for the Hybrid Pursuit creature, could you please contact our support team as well?

Thank you!

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Thanks Ned! I posted in several discords I am in and will let others know as we hear reports of it.


The fate of hunting in the game as we know it is on the line and you’re worried about indoraptor? Priorities.


Early Already signs of a game trying to make it PTW

Isn’t it already pay to win? Considering boosts and all?


Early??? :rofl: