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Uhhhh.... Nice new stats Ludia 👌

Sooooo… Does anybody wanna know why this is a thing?

I wish these stats are real… Hahaha okay I’m kidding. But seriously, this is apparently everytime it came out, no matter the level. Sooooo can this be fixed already?

I thought this would be addressed already, but I guess nobody uses Diplovenator, nobody sees this… Wonderful :confused:


I posted this on the list of bugs in the update thread. No one responded but I guess they’re aware.

I love mine he is great now with the immune protection. Took out a Thor with him. I didn’t see those stats on mine. Wish they were there for that battle though :joy:

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I used Diplovenator in one of the campaign battles and the same thing happened, but its actual stats behaved normally.

This is probably because the new passives for Diplovenator don’t fit on the page.

That litlle guy boosted for 136 or igher speed its a pain in the ass to take down unless we have a Ss oe immun dino…withouc actual broken boost system he could be really great
I really want a unique hybrid form him+skoola in next update

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I would love that too. I’ve been leveling him since he came out. I started a few months back and concavator was one of my first epics so I always like his ability to retaliate. More strategic than rat but also different than just trying to one shot stuff. He’s actually relevant against some dinos now with the immunities