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Uhm...Ahem! Do am i Prophet something?

My status was upload in July 30 2020 on Facebook group name “Jurassic World:The Game” and now Ludia do it! I’m i prophet or Ludia really like my Ideas and Design?

Link of my Status below👇:


Till date,our prophet was Sionsith for his tournament predictions. We have a different sort of Prophet now.


Sionsith still is… :wink:

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Haha I wish if they would listen to you on dire wolf next. Really want it in game… always loved wolves :wolf:


Maybe so, but in my opinion he’s not so much of a prophet, rather he is someone who makes educated guesses based upon combinations of previous tournament data and probable outcomes for current tournaments… Safe to say more people would rather have that proven data backing those educated guesses anyhow versus a “prophet,” offering their hunch on the future. His efforts help some people decide how many points they should accrue before they get too close to the end of each tournament which is a nice thing to do.

I used to offer tournament predictions as well— although my calculations were more-so grounded upon formulas specific to each tournament’s speed versus incorporating data from previous tournaments. I’d give a range based upon the calculated tournament speed (using points per hour as the measurement of the tournament “speed,”) and then use the projected finish point as the median; along with speculation based on previous tournament finishes… As tournaments progressed, my projections would become much more accurate. Once within the final ~48-60 hours or so— the tournaments always finished reasonably close to my educated guesses. The more tournaments that I measured, the better my predictions became when I was considering previous tournament speeds.

Also, OT- nice guess on the Gen 2 Pteranodon OP! Great sketches too in your concept art. :wink:


Yeah! He will be.

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I’m not sure what’s going on here but we can all agree that Sionsith has been gifted with the power of prophecy

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Commitment, dedication, etc are all practical things he shows with his graphs— for which players that need that help during tournaments can be appreciative of those efforts. But that’s grounded in data versus “prophecy.”

Of course, I’m not much for superstition anyway, but so long as I have a vote then not everyone agrees with your statement.

Back on topic- Though I’m not particularly superstitious, OP’s Gen 2 Pteranodon concept art definitely strikes me more in the way of “prophecy,” given that it would have been a pure guess of this new creature… Unless of course Ludia somehow noticed their concept art on Facebook which then influenced JWTG’s developers’ decision to create this new creature… Either possibility would be pretty cool in my opinion and OP’s concept art for this creature was really skillful and awesome.


didn’t read anything after that

that good enough?

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This indoraptor of your photo did not unbalance your team?

It was a joke. Therefore there was no point reading the rest of your reply. I see how I could’ve been more clear.

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He does not care about ferocity at this point. He has played the game really long and invested a lot , it’s his reward


Yeah, initially the Level 40 Indoraptor did impact my line up a little bit— but I actually win most of the events nowadays @Flavio_Camargo.

My goal has always been to max out every creature so it’s worth it to me.


I agree with @DantheMan what I do is very much rooted in data and analysis (no prophecy needed), now to some that are not in the know of data analytics it might seem like magic the same way someone that is not familiar with magic seems amazed at how a magician can do what they do. The big difference between what I do and what a magician does is I tell you exactly how I do the “trick”.


Not a Magician, a Wizard.

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Aww Man!!! I thought you were some sort of Seer. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Arthur C. Clarke (Scientist and Science Fiction author) once said:

‘You cannot differ a well developed science from magic.’ and
‘Magic is science that we have not yet understood’.

I know, bad translation but I hope you understand what I mean.

Found one of them:
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


Ironically I am just reading one of his books “Feathered Friend” , Arthur Charles Clarke isn’t it?