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UHM WOT ( but i’m not suspended)

( i got my account suspended because i forgot to block out this guy’s name and alliance so rip my account for those very 6 hours and a half)
Anywho, I had recently unlocked Lockdown and wanted my first battle in there. I had put in a Rajakylosaurus at level 16 and they put a same level Elrikogamma. 2 turns later they do strike and run AND SWAP IN WITH A TENONTOREX.

So there i was, panicking into oblivion because i was facing a flipping unique. I swapped into Indominus because i was panicking, ALOT.
Probably not the best thing to do because of the fact i was facing a Resilient.
And indom is dead. Desperate little me swapped into Spionyx, and in 2 turns HE DIED.
He wins, and while doing so kicked me out of lockdown and right back into Badlands, the same place i’ve been stuck in for 3 MONTHS. Here’s the guy. I’ve blocked out his name and alliance so i don’t get my account destroyed again.

i am in alot of p a i n

actually, uniques at level 21 is quite common in lockdown. I myself had faced many uniques, i remember facing a level 21 thor

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It’s normal to see Uniques in Lockdown. Unlocked my Diorajasaur when I was there as well. They’re not very common in Lockdown, you may see them once a while. However when you move up more arenas (such as Ruins) expect to see boosted level 22-25 ones.

I have seen quite a few tho.

The free Tenontorex dna people got as a tourney award is probably also to blame too.

If unique’s are common in lockdown and i just got said legendaries recently, that means 1 unique is equivalent to a loss for me.

It will be troublesome, but with the right counter, you can still manage pretty well against a 21 unique. With the creatures you played against Teno, there wasn’t a whole lot you could do, but Teno is much more manageable now that it can’t slow. I’m not sure what the rest of your team looks like, but make sure you have a bit of everything so that you’ll have a counter for anything the opponent plays

This is my entire team AS OF RIGHT NOW

Try to put in a alloraptor or a tryostronix and that would help. I remember facing off a really insanly powerful indo and thor in one match. Tryo took them down because allo did rending teke down before he died

At this point i should just stay in badlands…

That’s definitely a dropper

When i was in lockdown i had like lvl 11-15 epics lol…still have a mostly lvl 17-18 legendary team in lockwood

Im just built different

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It shows how much easier the game has become. I remember having my first legendaries in lockdown.

Pretty sure i got para lux in nublar jungle, and my first real legendary in lockdown

I got most my legendaries in Badlands… The legendaries i got in nublar were para, indominus and spionyx