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How is this even possible?!


I still have no idea why there’s a ghost dino in one sanctuary. Seems the glitches keep getting better and better.



Ummmmmm that is definitely weird!

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I’ve had that happen to me also. Ludia. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve had it happen. Restarting the game corrects it.

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Don’t worry. Just let the creature interact with you instead, and it will get back to 0.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s gold

“Larry, send the new toy down the Argentino chute!”
Metal rolling

“Uh… Larry? Why do we have a metal tube that big?
Did you… Did you make that? The whole thing for the Argentinosaurus?..
…WHO COMMISSIONED THIS!? Our extra metal was supposed to be for building a Brachiosaurus enclosure! We don’t have that much extra scrap metal around, that was supposed to be used for–
–You made it out of the FENCE!? WHY is there a whole section of the fence missing? Who would–
The T-Rex is on the other side of that fence. Why would Rexy–
–REXY! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!!! Yeah, YOU! You been playin’ with the Argentinosaurus again? First you’re sharing food over the fence to play with, then you play fetch throwin’ around the Kaprosuchus, and now this? That’s it! You get the silent treatment for a while! I’m not even gonna talk to you! Now get back in your own cage, or what’s left of it! I swear, you two are gonna take over half the planet one day and I’m gonna be held responsible! Get your giant, TUBE COMMISSIONING BEHIND out of my sight!”

Interactions: -1


I’ve had that multiple times as well lol

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