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Uhmm excuse me what(someone explain)


So on jwa fan page on facebook. Someone merily asked what the other dino was for fusing skoolasaurus. I responded by telling him its scolosaurus. A current tournament exclsuive that is rewarded friday. Normal right

Someone else comes behind me and posts this screenshot

How did he get that. Afaik thats impossible

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Incubator(s) Maybe?

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Skoola is for sure in incus because I have some. But i believe this is the very first instance. Somebody would have surely heard of or seen someone with scolo by now if it was in incus


Magic!? :o


I’m legitamitely curious. Like how??


Probably a L5 exclusive?


If it’s supposedly a tournament exclusive spoofing should be irrelevant


Different you ask them? The person that posted it.


I tried. I messaged him on Facebook. He read my message no response :sweat_smile:


Actually he did. He said

El ADN me lo dieron en la incubadora epica de hoy


Hmm… Well, short of them somehow getting their reward early, I can only think of a possible hack?


So he got it from an epic incubator. I dont believe that tbh


How much dna is required to get from lvl 1 to 8?


Not very much at all. Like 1600 maybe


Less than 2000 anyways lol


So much less than the reward you’d get below 4500 trophies last tourney.

Curious :0


Same. Very :thinking:


Shouldn’t be Scolo common? If yes, then pic is photoshoped as number is blue.

EDIT: Checked all dinos have blue number.


Uhm, no ? All my commons and even non-fused epics have blue box…