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UI & Gameplay updates

Here are the biggest pain points in my opinion.

  • Raid (at lest the lobby) desperately needs text chat. And “I am ready” button would be nice too.
  • Add button to leave the raid. If you want to prevent quitters add it after one person dies or something. There were a situations where I was the last one standing, I knew I can’t win the fight, but I had to play it through to die slowly.
  • Compress the fight effects animations or maybe use the raid UI to show yours and enemy buffs / debuffs. Because nowadays every dino has attacks with 3+ effects and it’s like a small story. You press an attack. You wait. You wait some more. You wait some more more, and after it’s finally over and your dino does it’s attack you wait again for the opponent to do the same.
  • improve supply drops animations. Is there really a need to show an extra overlay and click every reward away? This might be flashy in first 5 levels, but later on it just transforms to frantic tapping to get rid of the screen. Just let us spin the drop and show icons with numbers in one of the screen corners without having us to leave the map and tap the crap
  • sanctuaries are nice, but maybe make them more useful. It’s a nice way to farm the dino you want, so why adding debuff. Why can’t I pour all my tokens (which are limited every day anyway) to one specific dino without having the dna nerfed?
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I agree with the sanctuary one atleast lessen the decrease not everyone can find an active enough clan and coordinate to get those sweet level 20 sanctuarys