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UI Improvement Suggestions

Just started playing the game today and I am HOOKED! Love that you’ve also catered for PvP because I’ve been struggling to find a good turn based PvP game.

2 UI suggestions from the perspective of a new user:

  1. When I have an ability selected, it would be great to have the chance to hit as a % floating above each eligible target’s head. This would help me make a more informed decision about who I want to try and attack.

  2. Can we have a small graphic in the corner of the screen showing which archetype beats what? I keep forgetting these and it would help me decide on where to position my units in for future turns.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks so much for your interest our game. We have passed on your UI suggestion to our development team. We’re also happy to hear you’re really enjoying it!

If you want more information on abilities

By default:

  1. 90% chance of a regular hit

  2. 5% chance of critical hit

  3. 5% chance of critical miss

Awesome, glad to see you guys are taking suggestions on board :slight_smile: 1 more thing - it would be great to have all enemy health bars show the amount of damage that would be taken by my selected ability as a greyed out portion of their current health. This would help me make a decision of who I want to attack.