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UK DPG Recruiting

UK DPG is looking for one more recruit. We are a bunch of highly active players, hit rank 5 attack and 4 defence every week without fail, and we had 7 top 500 players the last tournament. We also finished top 15 in the alliance rush event :muscle:t2:

We are already on rank 4/3 for missions

Requirements to join:
Must be active
Must speak English
Must join our discord chat (even if you mute notifications and pop in occasionally; we do most of the chat on there)
Must be able to respect leaders decisions and rules

Comment your in game name and number and level/trophies and I’ll put your name forward to the others for consideration :grin:



Spartacus #0090 I play daily. I’m addicted to the game. I play morning, noon, and night. This game is my life line =0. I am married to JWA. Lol. Please consider me. I spend at least 400 a month on incubators. I donate faithfully and when I can’t, it’s because I’m trying to level a dino from legendary to unique is the only time. I need a more active alliance. The one I’m in now is great but there are waaaaay to many non active players. Please consider me. I Am An Asset To Any Team That Has Me =)

New Member of UK DPG…?..drum roll…SPARTACUS #0900…wins by a landslide…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m going to send you a friend request now, once you accept I’ll invite you to the alliance. My player name is IndominusBex :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks. I’m excited

Spaces still open, anyone welcome to apply as long as they meet the requirements :raised_hands:t3:

My name is Archer #5220 hella active and always try to donate and get those missions done and looking for a guild to match that, same with my girlfriend Peony #2778

What trophy level are you guys

i’m usually above 3.9-4.2k my girlfriend is usually 3.9. both of us are deranking right now tho

Our leader has sent you a request. If you leave your current alliance we can invite you both to ours :blush:

Both of us left and requested to join can i get a link to the discord too?

Hello. I’m very active. Play a min of 6 hours a day. I’m at 3900 give or take. I’m at level 19 and I always contribute to everyone I can. If your still looking for someone please consider me.


Wish you luck.

Spots have been filled for now but I will let you know if another space opens up :blush: