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Ultimasaurus (Hybrid mix to create it)

I’ve been looking at images of Ultimasaurus. It says it’s a hybrid between Rex+Raptor+Triceraptops… but where did the clubbed spiked tail come from???
That’s some Stego and probably Ankylosaurus in there!

So maybe… this UNIQUE hybrid could be from:
Trykosaurus + Utasinoraptor

Trykosaurus is a mix of T-Rex and Ankyntrosaurus.
Ankyntrosaurus is a mix of Ankylosaurus + Kentrosaurus which has a spiked tail like Stegosaurus).

And Utasinoraptor is a mix of Sinoceraptops (which is not Triceraptops, but close enough) and Utahraptor (which is not Velociraptor but again, close enough).


Uniques are level 21 so what level would you need trykosaurus and utasinoraptor to create it.

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I guess we are entering the realm of super-uniques.
Maybe you just need uniques at the level they are to begin with and you just spend DNA on creating a super-unique.
Since this is a mix of a Unique and a Legendary, I guess the legendary would have to be at level 21.
Super-uniques could start at level 26, and if super-uniques existed, then maybe Ludia would finally raise the highest DNA to 30 for players. And that way, we could have equal terms in special events againsst level 30 AI controlled creatures.

That also opens the doors for more Arena levels, campaign levels, etc.

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I don’t think there should be “super uniques” for now, but the ultimasaurus could be an epic composed like this:

Velociraptor + Stegosaurus: Stegoraptor (rare)

Triceratops gen 2 + Ankylosaurus gen 2: Ankyloceratops (rare)

Ankyloceraptos + Tyrannosaurus: Juggernodon (Legendary)

and at the end we combine the ‘’ Juggernodon ‘’ with the ‘’ Stegoraptor ‘’, thus forming the Ultimasaurus, who would be a master of all trades in terms of skills


i would like the ultimasures from jurassic park choas affect

ultimassures shounds realy cool it would be a unqi super hybrid i would say utasinoraptor and ankntrosures

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I like that! :slight_smile:

Cool idea!

I think the Ultimasaurus could be from:
Indominus Rex (t Rex, velociraptor) + stegoceratops new Hybrid (stegosaurus, Triceratops)

Ultimasaurus = Apex

Nice curation of pics