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Ultimasaurus (JWA Project J)

Yeah. This… this is the Project J exclusive Apex.

For those that don’t know, JWA Project J is a rebalancing version of JWA, changing creatures, moves, etc, and even adding our own creatures (of course, the game itself exists in the form of jwa toolbox so… kinda limited)

Anyway, Ultimasaurus exists as the exclusive Apex… it comes as a creature and a boss.


The boss itself is only two rounds, but it tries to be as unforgiving as possible.
(Note, because the is for project J, it abides by project J rules, so ignore the move changes)

Round 1’s GID first is meant to stop you from killing the minions early. It’ll then hit you with two different group attacks you’ll want to be weary of. And, to give everyone a break and/or hard time, it’ll heal itself.
Ultima Round 1

What could make the raid unforgiving is the fact it’s going to try to hit you with a 5400 damage attack straight away. Why did I do this? I don’t know. This does mean you can kill the minions straight away reliably, but you’ll also want to take care of this attack. Next up, shields and regen. Afterwards, it distracts you, while hitting everyone at the same time, then finish that story by hitting everyone with a guranteed stunning rampage…

(I know GSR has a delay here but it actually wouldn’t.)
Ultima Round 2

Here, we got the speedup minion, which may or may not make your life harder the first turn of each round…
Speedup Minion

Then this one, which, also, might make your life harder.
Buff Heal N Protection Minion

Is the raid impossible? No. But it does require some ingenuity to beat. And the reward… I’m not really sure if it’s worth it but it’s a thing.

So there ya have it, the full friggin Ultimasaurus boss. Does it need a nerf? Let me know. But I think it’s (mostly) fine… MOSTLY…


I love this. It’s a great concept. The Ultimasaurus constantly punishing the standard raid strats is a great touch too.


yes but you need to make me a dromaeosaurus