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Ultimasaurus on JWA?


I wonder if there’s a chance to see Ultimasaurus (it’s from Jurassic Park Chaos Effect toy line)

Thanks in advance for answering me!



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Featuring new ability: Super destructive deadly freaking awesome rampage; means u tap on it and win with a chance of 95% automatically the battle. No matter what team, u just win.

If it comes to Ulti vs Ulti the player who taps faster wins.

We definitely need that one!


No thank you, people already complain about hybrids looking like monsters instead of dinosaurs and this would just top that. Also, 5 components? 1. Just visualizing that makes my head hurt. 2. Something made of 5 components would be insanely strong and just ruin the game.

I was thinking just for battle it, not obtain it. It’s insane create a hybrid with 5 different dinosaurs (3 epic, 1 rare, 1 common). Like Omega-09 at Jurassic World Builder, Ultimasaurus would be a great boss at the game.

I think Trykosaurus is as close as we’ll get to Ultimasaurus