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So this was suggested early on in the games history but many people complained and said its too OP . Now with Mortem Rex and Apex level of rarity it allows for something as powerful as Ultimasaurus to be a boss. Alternatively it would be awesome as another unique. However most of the main dinosaurs used to create the ideal ultimasaurus have multiple hybrids. So I compiled a few that are good candidates that are from the same family as the original dinosaur components. Anyway Im sure ludia wont add this cause of Allosinosaurus and Trykosaurus but I thought id appeal to those who love this hybrid.


I think maybe you could hybridize it from Lythro, ankylo and Trike Gen 2 if you want the ‘Fierce’ Ultimasaurus, or you could replace Lythro with Utah if you wanted a more ‘Cunning’ Ultimasaurus

what about hybridizing both the Raid boss aspect and the fusion aspect?
it could still retain the apex rarity. but you can only fuse for it once unlocked via raid battles. (also unknown fusion materials until unlocked.)