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Ultimate Draft Chest

Just claimed my first Ultimate Draft Chest and am confused by the contents. I am positive the last item at the end (28 spots to get for chest) was a blue three star scale but when the chest opened there were 5 two star scales instead. I needed three star scales for a dragon so did keep track though sadly did not screen capture. Doesn’t seem worth the trouble pushing to get 28 draft for a three star scale when it changes at the end to five two star scales. Anyone else have this problem?

Seems like the type of chest you get is random, and they all contain various amounts of different things. Your next chest could have better stuff, could have worse stuff. There’s Draft Chest, Great draft chest, Superb draft chest, Legendary draft chest, Ultimate draft chest. I’ve gotten in this order: great, superb, Ultimate, normal so far with various things of different amounts. It’s just some extra resources every once in awhile, I wouldn’t expect 3 star scales from it very often and would just be happy if it’s something I end up getting from one, I guess. I think the bonus fish from it is probably the best part, help to use up the drafts lol.

I think that the rewards shown in the chest progress box aren’t a guarantee but examples — sort of like when you see a sheep of a particular color in a special quest line, you won’t necessarily get that color sheep when you win that quest node, just A sheep. So when you see a scale shown in your chest, you’ll get some scale or scales.

TBH I’ve stopped paying attention to the rewards accumulating in the draft chests and I definitely wouldn’t push for them or use drafts for them unless I was using them anyway (for a Flight Club/Viking chest duty, for instance) because the rewards just aren’t worth it