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Ultimate hybrid idea

How about Ludia making the most powerful spinosaurus hybrid ever but first we need a new legendary hybrid
Name: suchospinotahtator
Rarity: legendary
“Parents”:suchotator and spinotahraptor
All stats at level 30 unboosted
Attack: 1452
Speed: 125
Armour:0 percent
Crit chance : 10 percent
Moves: superiority strike
Lethal wound
Critical impact
Distracting impact
Instant distraction
Swap in definite strike.
Now for the unique hybrid
Rarity: unique
" Parents": suchospinotahtator and spinotahsuchus
Al stats at level 30 unboosted
Speed: 130
Armour: 0 percent
Crit chance: 30 percent
Moves: distracting strike
Lethal wound
Extended critical strike
Precise shattering rampage ( new move)
(Deals 2x damage destroys shields bypassing armour, cloak and evasive abilities)
Immunity( passive)
Armour piercing counter( passive)
Don’t care how the both will look please make these two creatures with these moves.

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So Suchospinotahtator has 5 moves and a swap-in ability ? I’m pretty sure 4 is the maximum, even for a unique. Also, not a single superhybrid has had a hybrid before, and Spinotasuchus is a superhybrid. Precise shattering rampage comes from nowhere, but that’s not really an issue, especially when Ultispinosaur has 2 passive abilities, which is unprecedented, and OP in this case. Distracting strike as a basic attack would also be a first.
But that’s just my two cents.

This sounds like a load of nope to me :joy:

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Ok, I see alright the suchospinotahtator i will remove the instant distraction and the ultispinosaur I’ll remove the counter attack is that ok

What do you mean it’s boring elendil

Also, Suchospinotahtator is also a superhybrid, so the way Ludia are doing things now it couldn’t get a hybrid either. That makes Ultispinosaur a superhybrid of two superhybrids. Blasphemy!
And as for the idea being boring, there is already a faster Spino-based Unique with a distracting move, lethal wound as well as a Precise Rampage, called Erlikospyx. We also have a faster Immune hybrid with a Rampage move called Erlidominus. And we have a faster Legendary that is a hybrid of Spinotahraptor, with lethal wound as well as critical impact. In other words, they wouldn’t be very unique, now would they ?
I mean, when Ludia made Diorajasaur more like Tryko people were upset that it lost a bit of what made it a unique dinosaur, even though it’s now usable. Some people were expecting something more creative.

Just like @Qaw said all the Dino you mentioned are Hybrids of Super Hybrid which will not happen. Even if people know it they still wants to make one. And that makes it boring.
FYI :- There is a move called Defenite Rampage. So Precice Rampage is irrelevant.

Ok I will need to think of other ideas. How about a suchotator with baryonyx hybrid and here it is. Not crazy but should be decent.
Name: (can suggest)
Rarity: legendary
Level 30 unboosted stats
Attack: 1308
Speed: 124
Crit chance: 30 to 40 percent
Moves: superiority strike
Lethal wound
Ready to crush
Defence shattering rampage
Swap in nullification


Now at least that’s plausible, but the thing is, (and sorry for being a buzzkill) there’s already a Baryonyx Legendary hybrid called Spinonyx, which has lethal wound and definite rampage(which is better than defense-shattering) and has the same speed as your proposed hybrid. Spinonyx also has a rending move as well as precise rampage, which makes it more interesting. In other words, they’re probably too similar.

Any suggestions to change moveset I give up