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Ultimate JWA Arena fighter guide (unofficial)

Hi, since the Ultimate JWA hunter field manual I’ve thought about an arena’s fighter guide.

So now I think it’s time for it :upside_down_face:

Disclaimer: I’m not pretending a super-duper arena’s fighter, I’m not at the best fighters list, but I’ve made it to the last arena and that how my incubators bar typically looks like:


Also I’m not going to describe fight tactics for specific dinosaurs, I want to share and raise up a discussion about more common and general things re: arena’s fight.

Some things even doesn’t directly related to JWA fights but it’s about some ethical things.

Also some facts are strongly tied up with app version and could be outdated. And sure I’m not related with devs and some things are my assumptions and I could be wrong. I’m playing JWA iOS since June 2018.

As always I hope to have some feedback and additions from the community :+1:

So to warm up the discussion:

  • love 15 mins incubators - for $3 you could get some useful DNA (from my experience 15’ inc provides different/rare DNA very often - comparing with 8h and other incs) and you have free slot for next fight/incubator

  • learn best time for fights - the system pair you with any player around the world who is playing at same arena, but North America players usually packed with higher level dinosaurs than Europe players, so if you want to progress at arenas level, don’t mess with big fishes, play with your “neighbors”

  • (this one is an example of my assumptions) system could affect your fight making you loose more often if you have few or more dinosaurs ready to be leveled up (team of 4 dinosaurs will be weaker than your opponent team, rare or no crits for you fighters, failed dodge/evasive for you fighters and so on) thus the system force you to spent some gold for leveling (or buy it for real money :moneybag:)

  • I found what at “border” between two arena levels (eg 4300+ till 4500) it will be harder to win, so once you’ve passed 4500 - it will be much easier - may be this one because some people believe what the arena specific dinosaurs set/incubators could be received only at this specific arena and they intentionally loose their rank and appearing at lowest arenas with stronger squad - developers officially said it’s not working this way: you could receive DNA of any dinosaur from arenas below your current arena (it’s randomly defined), so by climbing to highest arena you just expand a list of available dinosaurs DNA and you don’t need to downshift to lowest arenas to get any of them

  • if you have no free slots for battle incubators - speed up and open current one - usually I’m opening them at $10 price level and low - it’s not a big price if you have some time for another battle and chance to get another one incubator

  • battles system glitch - unfortunately it’s appearing again and again for any latest builds - you see 2 mins pre-fight counter but actually the fight already started and you going to loose it - to fix this issue close the app and start it again - usually I’m waiting for 10-15 seconds and if fight not started I’m relaunch the app - thus you’ll be still able to control the fight and may be even win it (usually I loose one fighter because of the issue)

  • I found what mobile internet is more reliable for battles than WiFi connection - may be it’s just my specific case, but who knows?

  • read release notes - devs usually tuning dinosaurs stats and abilities so you have to review your squad after every big app release

  • don’t give up on dodge/evasive fail - I’ve noticed what people often quit from battle if their champion loose 1st fight - in that case a winner likely get 15 mins incubator only (yes, I remember what I said to love it :upside_down_face:) but I suppose it’s not fair, keep fighting :muscle:

  • last strike - never enough power - sometimes you have to make simple/base attack to win but your opponent could replace his fighter and you even could loose the battle

  • system/UI glitch re: priority indicating - app doesn’t set priority indicators correctly, so track&check it by yourself

Finally 4 gold incubators :upside_down_face:

  • i wait for no more then 20 seconds then i press cancel and restart the search.

  • i wait to open incubators untill the next day so that i can complete my missions quicker.

  • follow this chart to know which incubators are coming up.



Hi @Pateradactyl, thanks for adding :+1:

re: battle start and hanging in limbo - for me it happens mostly at second pre-battle counter - 2 minutes - and it doesn’t has cancel option.

re: table - are you pretty sure what it’s just so simple and has no relation with how you perform at the arena? :thinking:

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Yes, it’s just that simple!

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I’m speechless :no_mouth:

But good outcome will be a hint to count incubators according the table and don’t miss the biggest - 12/24h - in cases when your incubators bar has no free slots.

hmm i think you may be overthinking it. just keep track of the incubators that you have now. even if you fight when the slots are full you will still be on schedule when you receive your next inc.


Oh, thanks, so a notice about “you have no slots for incs” sounds even more ridiculous now :upside_down_face:

Could not think why it was implemented in such way :thinking:

just so that you are aware that you wont gain any incs. you still gain coins though.

I mean the whole incubators level math - my assumption was it somehow related with battle skills (eg you loose just 1 fighter against similar level opponent’s team or you combine different attacks and switch your fighters to win) + some randomization.

For example for good fight you get 8 or 12h incubators but no 15 mins. Or for easy win 15 mins and not higher.

By the way battles money also have limits.

nope. it has nothing to do with the matches. that would be cool if you could get better incs for long streaks.

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So I’ve checked the table and it seems to be correct and what’s making me unhappy: I’m at longest 8h serie

One more thing to discuss: I think the game search opponents accordingly to your level at the very first battle since the app launch.

For example: I’ve started battling with 4700+ level, I’ve played against North America players (their day, my midnight) and was loosing almost all battles and felt down below 4400 but next battle was again with some 4700-4800 lvl player.

The game relaunch probably fix such issue. And another one (possible) trick is to add some low leveled dinosaur to your squad (eg lvl 16 with other team 20+) - so game will find some players with average leve same to your squad but often it will be weaker than yours.

An example of downshifting player (or player who forgot to change team after friendly battling):

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This one should not happen I think - I’ve played against ~30 lvl team at 4700-4800 score:

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Don’t need to