Ultimate JWA hunter field manual (unofficial)

Disclaimer: I’m not pretend to be an super-dooper JWA hunter, I just want to share some of my experience and start community discussion and knowledge/experience sharing process :hugs:

So, as a part of the game we have to dart dynos to have their DNA to progress & develop our team. How it could more effective?

  • dart everyone - it’s not easy because of darts amount limitation, but if you can dart it! Some of dynos seems to be useless but they could be a part of hybrid later and it’s good to have their DNA. Also you need practice to hit a dyno more accurately and get maximum DNA per shot

  • keep calm - it’s ok if you aren’t make every hit as direct hit - 10+ DNA per hit is fine

  • target points sequence is specific for every dyno, so you should learn it if you want to “predict” next shot direction (but that sequence could be changed after next app update)

  • the game refresh dynos over map with some logic&timers (I mean “wild” dynos, not the week promoted dynos attached to green supply drops pins)

  • watch JWA Twitter account for a week promoted dynos - keeping in mind attempts count you could plan your hunt and dart only these you mostly needs at the moment. Also note refresh time.

  • Dyno spawn in the wild is location specific - so you should learn such specific areas around your home/office/other place

  • Ludia don’t read this one :yum: darting a dyno could cause nearest supply drop pins refresh (so reset counter will be triggered before 15 mins cool down) - it’s a system glitch and it probably will be fixed at following versions of the app, also pins sometimes resets after other actions - dyno upgrade and so on, but no so often as a result of darting dynos around

  • dart most wanted dynos first! Ones you dart some dyno the system refresh the game state and some dynos will be removed

  • dart very rare or most wanted dynos from far - the system could remove it while you’re moving closer to the target - so it’s up to you get less DNA or get nothing :thinking:


If I have the darts I dart everything even if I’m not planning on leveling or using the Dino.

Event Dino’s where you have a set number of attempts I will pick and choose which ones I want to dart.

Wait until you are right on top of event Dino’s to maximize the amount of time you get to shoot.

When using scents, make sure you have plenty of darts to carry you through the full scent. Alternatively, use a scent near a supply drop and you will get a couple chances at darts. If you can find supply drops close together even better.

Try not to drop a scent when right on top of a strike event can as the Dino can spawn inside the Strike Event can making it very difficult sometimes impossible to target.

  • The darting process is a game inside the game - that means what you’re free to go to more comfortable place (out of crowd or direct sun lights or rain whatrver) and focus on darting, drone battery drain process will start only when you move you targeting cross (just don’t lock your device) and dyno also will stay until first dart fired

  • one more advantage from above - if you wait the game will make direct hit point bigger - it could be useful for epic dynos where every DNA is valuable

  • also you could go back with left bottom arrow button if you reconsider and want to dart another dyno


The drone battery don’t start draining until after the first dart is fired.


Damn got way to hard triggerd from “dynos” …

But good read, like it

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  • do not try to point the targeting cross exactly over direct hit point (apple eye I guess?) while dyno is moving - try to predict a direction of movement and send a dart forward - it will meet the direct hit point there (forward here just a one case - real vector could be anything - from left to right, top to bottom and so on - it depends on the dyno movement)
  • this one may be platform specific! So at iOS if some system level alert or incoming call interrupt the darting process you could loose a control over targeting cross (it could disappear or present wrong position) in that case lock and unlock your device - the issue will be fixed

My favorites for the week Nov 19-25:


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Nope, no, thats very much not ok


Yes that’s not a good advice.
If you dart as soon as possible you take 2sec to do 11 & 14 for example. That’s 25 total for 2 darts.
But if you take your time a little to make a crit during these 2 sec it’s 30 for only one dart. Better value.

So it depends on what you can do. But a key to progress is to make better score. When I average 400 for velociraptor it allows me to level up way faster for the same encountered raptors. Plus it’s very important when the resource is rare like the epics. Darting skills are very important

My point was about been patient and do not be distracted by faulty shot :slight_smile:

It would be great if you share your darting score for this guy for example :slight_smile:

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To be clear: what I’m trying to say what there are easy targets like this one:

You could easily score 300+ with 26 per dart from this one.

And there are other guys who have target point switched between head and tail, less target point, target point at wings and quick movement in different directions - you unlikely score them to your top value huh?

And it’s up to you what darting style do you prefer - master it and have fun :wink:

does this say enough for you? ^^


and, per your request:


Thanks :+1: let me guess your alliance naming? :thinking:

Hawkeye?! :wink:

That would have been a good name if I had started one myself ^^

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My choice for the week Nov 26 - Dec 2:

Weekend: mostly wanted is the anky, but I run out of DNA for all of them.

By the way: have you mastered a release without shot? For me it occurs only occasionally :see_no_evil:

Also, keep at a decent pace, walking pace, and 2 dinos will pop up evry two minutes, instead of just one. I like to wait for a good shot and go for a direct hit, rather than just flingin darts at these guys. I would get quite low on darts


My favs for the week Dec 3-9:

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