Ultimate JWA hunter field manual (unofficial)

@siberiaman this is the kind of thread I want to read on this forum! :heart_eyes:

I just put a note on “darting whatever you see” not only for you and for potential future hybrids, but also for your allies, I can have loads on something and desperatively needing some commons from other spawn zones, so I keep darting mine and give those Dna to my allies so that they will give me back something I need. :wink:


Flying creatures: distance between you and them counted doesn’t like between you and non-flying creatures! Game calculates the actual creature position on the map not position between you and creature’s pin point - thus you are able to hunt some birds what fly in inside your drone target zone/circle :dart:


My tip: If you’re going scent-stalking (i.e. chaining scents to dart DNA) don’t open your all your incubators beforehand. Save them up. Then use your incubators to give you extra darts when you need them most. :wink:


:heavy_plus_sign: for scents: be aware of daily dynos appearance - usually scent attracts same kind of dynos what are spawn at the map for a moment.

For example: I know what dracorex g2 usually appears around 10am - so I’m using my scents at this time if I want its DNA and etc.

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That appears to be true, so if you want more of what you see around you run a scent. If you want more variety run a scent in a park zone.

Common scents CAN yeild rare/epic dinosaurs.

Rare/Epic scents CAN yeild more than one Rare/Epic creature (I had 12 rares from one rare scent in a park zone)


I’m agreeing with you and just going into more detail here.

In shooting, archery, or other range sport, this is called “leading the target”. Taking into account the speed of the dinosaur is very important as well as taking into account and anticipating the direction of the dinosaur so that you will know how far ahead your crosshair/reticle should be of the target. For faster creatures, you will want to lead more ahead, and slower ones you will barely lead ahead at all. As the dinosaur picks up speed as you hit it more, you have to adjust the lead time to be slightly farther ahead of the target…


Yes, plus I think we are not going on the 30 meters to have full battery, cause flying creatures are calculated also in height. In my experience, I can have min 40 meters from target, never arrived above 30 meters so far.

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My favs for the week Dec 10-16:

My favs for the week Dec 17-23:

My favs for the week Dec 24-30:

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Good luck with hunting and best wishes in new year :slight_smile:

Re: stegosaurus - it’s strongly depends on an area - I don’t know the logic behind, but I see different dynos constantly appearing in same blocks around mine area, so try to find some with stegos “nest” :slight_smile:

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Not a big fan of flying ones, but here it is: my favs for the week Dec 31 - Jan 6

Mostly wanted weekend for a moment (because I’m more a get them all player, not a kill them all (at arenas) one :relaxed:

So my favs for Jan 7-13

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My favs for the week Jan 14-20:

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My favs for the week Jan 21-27:

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My favs for the week Jan 28 - Feb 3:

My favs for the week Feb 4-10:

But maybe it will be revised due upcoming app update :upside_down_face:

My favs for the week Feb 11-17:

Sunday favs - specific for my current goals for hybrid progress.

My favs for the week Feb 18-24:

Not so exciting as previous one, but anyway will be useful for hybrids fuse.