Ultimate JWA hunter field manual (unofficial)

By the way in the latest build I’m able to init darting for the dinosaurs what overlapped by strike event towers: at iOS long tap over the dinosaur location open darting screen not tower screen (sometimes this doesn’t working but usually I’m able to succeed with 2-3 attempts)

My favs for the week Feb 25 - March 3:

For me it will be very different: except in the rare

I do not want Gallimimus because I have more than 110,000 free DNA, the monomimus is now the worst legendary garbage and I still do not know if in the future it will be worth the unique flying, which is now another garbage.

I do not want Postimetrodon because although it would help me to evolve my Tryostinox I am tired of it. Currently it is useless and all of my alliance except I have already abandoned. The Secondotasauro is now useless but perhaps one day it has an interesting hybrid.

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Hi @xescot, thanks for details :+1:

For me it’s not so crucial to develop only the best arena fighters, I want to fuse all of them :upside_down_face:

Well then if you have already secured the fusion of the bird descended from monomimus it is good that you take it secondo for when its hybrid comes out;)

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My favs for the week March 11-17:

My favs for the week March 18-24:

My favs for the week scolo… who?!

Almost forgotten feelings: how cheap is price for first levels of common dinosaurs :joy:


Siberiaman, what’s your recommendations this week?

Hi @heners124, thanks for asking :+1:

But this week not so interesting from my point.

I could mention only one for the weekend:

Okay! Will also wait for the weekend! I always look forward to your weekly recommendations. Hehe!

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My favs for the week April 8-14:

Note: if some day has no favs it just because it’s up to you to make the choice or there is the only option (like this week Sunday)

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We don’t have all 3 epics this weekend? Trex only on Sunday??

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Hi @Rathelon, thanks for the question :+1:

My bad, sure all of these three will be promoted whole weekend.

So I’m going to hunt Trex too :upside_down_face:

I think this is not the case. For example, this week both Mondays and Tuesdays have seen the three “rares”. I understand that the three epics will be visible Saturday and Sunday and that you will be able to capture 9 of the one you want.

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Hi @xescot, that’s right :+1: I’m just still doesn’t read this new combined design for strike events towers&dinosaurs :see_no_evil:

It is not easy to understand. I do not understand why the dinos leave separated by days if then they are in every day.

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My fav for the week April 15-21:

Just curious why they don’t promote Darwinopterus? :thinking:


They cancelled Unique. You should probably update that. :wink:
Also, Ourano IS out there, just not on the dailies. Also Also, they mostly come at night, mostly.

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