Ultimate Tournament

Hi, I’ve been playing JW Alive for a year now and I was wondering if you could do a super big tournament and all the people in JW Alive can battle each other and we can get prizes.

That’s basically every skill tournament


I mean, isn’t that the tournaments already? We all get to face other people and everyone get prizes for participating

What I meant was like we face an opponent and if I for example win then my opponent gets eliminated from the tournament. It’s like a championship.

I’ve tried in the past, but timezones are a major problem and it would require 3rd party communication

but here’s the thing, if this championship takes as long as a regular tournament(3 days) what if someone lost on day 1, it would be upsetting if you couldn’t participate in this tourney again because u were eliminated on day 1 and now you have nothing “fun” or “entertaining” to do in game

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The game itself requires 3rd party communication if you want to have a successful alliance as well as raids.

Add raids on weekends

That depends on how you want to run your alliance and your definition of successful. Shared sancs proly need discord or something like that, but 10/10 high alliance championships? You can do it without easily.

The championship is not going to force you to play. Like the tournament, you don’t have to battle if you don’t want you.

Plus they could have the Championship 1 a year maybe.

Merry christmas!