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Ultra everything? (Creature file #110)


(10 c

That’s a domestic cat.

Tylacolomimius thingy


10 ch

I really don’t know

That’s okay. You can wait til tomorrow

Machairodus? Xenosmilus? Megantereon? Homotherium?

The second one is correct.


I said modern day. Dino’s are extinct everyone knows that silly.

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I see.


It is incorrect. It is a spotadon. Let it be known.

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It’s Xenosmilus for pete sake. Someone got it correct

Then, how do you explain this?:

Lol, there is no such thing as a ‘Spotadon’

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That was very rude

I respectfully disagree :blush:

Just why? Are you here to harass everybody or what?

saying a joke is one thing

extending the joke to such lengths
i can kinda see as funny, but nah

Okay that’s enough for now


That was very rude. Second, that’s a Xenosmilus. Apologies please