Ultra ULTRA speed ties

I have a strategy, along with a question. In this week’s tournament, we got another common skill tournament. Not bad. But what makes it so interesting is to see one of the slowest creatures dominate. Yes, I mean Eremotherium. The giant sloth. This guy might be considered OP amongst the commons, that being said, there was no swap-in stunners this tourney (thankfully). But why is eremotherium op here?

Well, I wouldn’t call it op, but it is one of the best commons. Camouflage is its have-to first move, which increases speed by 30% and dodges for 2 turns. And it reduces opponents damage for 1 turn. But that’s not the problem. The problem is the link between the Maximal Counter-Attack and Cunning Rampage. This will do a strong 3150 attack, plus the counter after the rampage, making it 4300 damage. Amazing. And the dodge helps it get by just fine, not to mention it outspeeds even a velociraptor with Camouflage.

Now, what happens when you get eremotherium vs eremotherium? Things get boring. It takes a long time to kill an eremotherium with an eremotherium. So what can you do? Nothing. Literally nothing just sit there and let them to camo first T1. By doing this you ensure that they get the reduced damage on the rampage next turn, because then the distraction on you wears off before you get a chance to attack them. Then on T2, spam cunning rampage and attack first. This will reduce their damage 100% after the stack of camo+rampage, and you get to attack them 2100+half counter (because if distraction) of 525, making a total attack of 2625, dodge or not. This is the strat to use against another eremotherium,

And now a question: if two players are afk and both have eremotherium out, who takes priority? It’s a speed tie+priority default move, so I think this is the ultra ULTRA speed tie. Does anyone know who goes first if this occurs?

I could be wrong, but I believe it’s random. I’ve left it to 0 before, but I’ve still gone first, even though we both used Camouflage.

Speaking of Eremo - had one match go on for about 15 minutes. I left after 3, came back about 10 minutes later to see neither of us had a win, so I’m guessing they left too. Still wondering why it didn’t time out after that long, tbh.