Um, I think 1.4 is happening


Right now I’m on my bus going to college. I just opened up the game and found this. I’m pretty excited right now.


Maybe. My money is that it happens Thursday after the Irritator/gorg hunt and it will have a bunch of birds to straight away.


What’s with the Ums!

Um I am wondering :joy::joy:


Is it a UK thing. We drop our H’s so hmmm becomes um.


Um ok! 20 ummmmmmmssss


Um is a big thing in the UK, half the time people don’t realise they say it. :laughing:


Haha, believe me I am not British in any shape or fashion. I just put it in the title just cuz I felt like it. Lol


As far as I know, I do come from an Irish ancestry but other than that I’m just an American.




Haha please don’t tell me you’re gonna go post this on every old thread :joy::joy:


But of course!

Nah there are 1000 different memes about derailed threads!


Really dude? :joy::joy::joy: Man I love that