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Um, thanks I guess?

Did anyone else get a jurrasic park stars pack in their inbox?
Even though the event hasn’t started?


Oh nevermind It was for the money event, dang, it ended in like couple hours, good job people.


Yes I just got this too, didn’t think I had even had time to enter, perhaps they felt they had got the numbers wrong and are sending it out to everyone.

100 bucks and some DNA for free, nice. And a(nother) Gallimimus.

I got para from the inbox and gallimimus from the coin event.

Yeah I got bucks DNA and a trex

Same here

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What’s been happening to me is I’ll try to do an event over and over and over until I finally finish it then when I log back in it give me all the same prizes over again idk why, well it doesn’t give me double the decorations or dinosaurs but I gave me an extra 1300 vip points and coins for the vip exclusive event same with the others

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I can’t even collect it, my game crashes every time I click on it lol

I can’t claim the daily reward packs