Um... What happened to my match-making?

Okay, so a couple of days ago I’m doing some battles and it’s all normal, I was in Lockwood estate with about 4200 trophies and I just have a legendary team with one unique all of them being about lvl 16-19 and I faced up around fairly teamed opponents, all of a sudden I face up against a maxed boosted lvl 30 mortem, I thought that’s weird but maybe it’s a glitch, so I do another battle, then I face up a boosted djor, but then after I get completely normal battles? Please explain if I got super unlucky or what happened?

It is the season reset. It is the same after every season. If your high score is 6000 for instance but your current score is 5999 at the end of the season, you start the next season at 5499. If your current score is 6000 at the end of the season, you start the next season at 5950. That is more or less the same for all the arenas. So people with high scores in lockwood library that finished the season in aviary are most likely reset at 4499 hence the change you experience.

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Silly practice but yup exactly what you said

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Indeed. It would make more sense to base the season reset on the high score and not the current score. It would mitigate this mess every month.

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I’m in upper Avairy and I’m experiencing the push-down affect as I fight against teams with level 28-30 heavily boosted meta creatures. Even I’ve gotten pushed down 100 trophy’s.

The bad thing is then I play someone who is playing this month for the first few times with lower less boosted creatures and trample them, the same as I was trampled the previous battle or 3 of players who were most likely from mid Library.