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I rather face lvl 22 indoraptor than a level 26 diplotator in badlands


That’s actually a very interesting team.
They probably arena dropped and are making their way back up for easy wins. :confused:


Arena dropper. I’ve encountered a few in badlands, inielated them all :joy:
It’s a different game you play in the badlands.


Do you feel the exitement of this CHALLENGING EVENT??
My lvl 21 charlie just met a lvl 30 indoraptor!
Ludia should be ashamed…

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I wonder whats the max amount of trophies he can get with that team. Lvl 25 einia hits hard


It’s funny that some people seem excited to say “I’m gonna drop some arenas for easy wins in this Alliance Rush!”… like it’s something SUPER AWESOME!


How did they manage to find that much Echo dna?


Here’s a better question. Why did they BOTHER to find that much Echo DNA? :joy: Echo is easily the worst of the Raptor pack, and I doubt most people are willing to get her to level 24.

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the game should teach you this lesson,collect and level up everything,since patch after patch,every creatures of the game change,echo soon might be a monster

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The thing is: This guy unranked himself by a lot. Now, he want quick wins and he doesn’t want to be too obvious either. He more than likely has many level 30 dinos. But by using mostly Raptors, which are lower levels, (but can still crush anybody), he is hoping that nobody is noticing what he is doing. He likely get at least two raptors every games, which are likely enough to crush any legit team in the badlands VERY quickly. And for a legit player, he look like he doesn’t know what he is doing and may have spent all his coins on raptors only (which is only a side effect of a player who is likely in the 5000 trophy range)


Interesting… Looks like that guy probably has level 24 uniques or something, yet he decides to use rares… Perhaps he wants to test/play some rares for fun to mix it up, since in most higher tier arenas its the same dinos on every team.

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Definitely a dropper.

Bots were like that in the day.