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Umm, excuse me? The new matchmaking is horrible

Just got matched with someone over 800 trophies above me. Once more - 800!

I have some high level dinos on my team, but… 800?

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Dear god…

It’s garbage. I haven’t won a single game against a real person all day. 2 losses and a bot, and i even die on the bot sometimes. Gone are the days i can use a fun team of epics in lower arenas. It keeps matching me with people that slaughter my team. Just bleh.

My first several battles were against boosted 30s. I’m in the mid 20s. Soooo much better matchmaking. 10/10 would update again.


I’m hoping that the fact that most of Android is locked out is why matchmaking is not working out…

I actually would like to see some videos of this.
Being an Android user, I can’t experience it myself yet and I want to prepare my bum. If you catch my drift. Lol

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I had to dust off my iPad mini, update its iOS and install the app simply to fuse and battle… My phone is android, so I’m stuck home instead of my usual evening coin and darting excursion.

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I actually was able to get off work early tonight, its a shame I can’t enjoy the new issues and shinies in the game. :frowning:

Also, it may be because so few people are battling, but I only get maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 battles to actually start. The rest just ‘time out’.

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If anything, matchmaking is worse… I used to face teams around 2 levels higher, now i face teams 4-5 levels higher with stat boosts…

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I’ve hit 5k because the new matchmaking. Only downside was facing 28 thors

50% give or take are playing so battling would have to be out of whack.

I agree with the majority of every complaint here, and I have a very balanced team. The levels range between 21-24, so it’s not like I have a team of 21’s with a level 30 Draco. This is the most frustrating update when it comes to battling. Between this and the bizarre “upgrade” on darting, I imagine this game will be like a ghost town soon.

There are still a lot of connection issues and tons of players aren’t playing. So of course matchmaking is going to have to “stretch” to find you battles right now. Everyone is fighting people outside of their normal range.

Yup can confirm. But I think we need to give it times since most people still yet to play PVP.

I lost several battles today towards some teams who are higher level than my team on average. But many times I’ve lost only a few trophies (2, 11…) I guess the other end of it won’t be too happy though.

Not only are less people playing right now due to connection issues, but they changed how matchmaking works. Without resetting trophies, this will take a bit to “normalize.”

So as you pointed out, while it may suck to get beat by people you have no chance, you’ll most likely lost 1-2 trophies and they only gained that. After a week or two it should straighten itself out.

Alright, so now that I’ve been able to play.

I see where the issues everyone is complaining about can be annoying. I’ve gotten my fair share of 1-2 trophy gains since last night. However, I actually am really liking the change. I’ve risen by 400 trophies so far thanks to a few games where I won 53 and 59 points.

I’m battling people near 5000 (while at 4300-4400 myself) trophies though, which I found strange. Our teams were similar matched however.

I’m also enjoying all these people being even more reckless with their “buffed” up Dracos for my dinos to destroy. Lol

All that needs to be fixed is the time outs imo.

I just lost and had 37 trophies deducted.

Then I won and it gave me 7.

What the heck.

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