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Umm really?

This is a mistake right? I buy a lot of stuff from them, but this seems like it’s at least 3x more than it should cost. Please tell me this is supposed to be $15. Does the boltbeak come as a fully maxed 5*?


For me it’s $79.

I doubt it comes fully maxed

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I pay for at least 80% of the stuff they offer, the stuff I don’t buy is typically because I don’t need it. But this “deal” seems like the math is wrong. If you add 2000 runes and 200k fish and maybe some scales I would’ve hopped on.

No, you have to lvl him from 0*.

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For me it was 70€. Ridiculous.

The Legendary Skrill Pack is the first time that a 5-star dragon has been offered.

In general, most offers are a rip-off. When you take into account that the Legendary Skrill Pack offer is for a 5-star dragon it is a better deal than some other offers.


LMAO! I know right. I’d be curious to know how many people actually shelled out money for it.
This game is so dollar centered is nuts! I refuse to pay anything above $20. Particularly when you often have to pay out for resources to level up the dragons etc.
Greed is not good Ludia.