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Ummm it's Thursday


Where are the Valentine’s scents and bundles and awesome deals on cash then coins and the OTO type bundles???


I’m hoping they don’t, I have no willpower and my wallet can’t take it … but if they are going to arrive I would say it will be when the chests and strike towers arrive in just over 3 hours


What PQC said, its probably going to be at soft reset.

I even think the announcement said 10am EST. Lemme check.

Edit: yup.


Looks like that’s about the coin chase.


Yes, but the strike towers will appear then as well and probably any offers

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A nice £7.99 one would be good but not a £67.99 … please


$10 deals will be extremely difficult to pass up. $50 deals are an easy no.

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$20 offer. Tempting.


I bought one - so much more tempting when you know you are going to get decent DNA


A coin sale would be nice, because I’m pretty flush with cash for once, and I’m going to be needing to buy a couple vaults…