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Ummm Ludia, I can’t log in


Ok. Is this just for me? I’ve had it multiple times now… :joy:


Scheduled maintenance is going on


The answer is in the screenshot itself.

It’s telling you they are doing some maintenance. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This happens at least once a month


I didn’t know lol :sweat_smile::joy:
I was just casually playing and boom- mantainence :joy:


Must be just for you…


Wait, are you on?



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I can’t tell if youre joking or not with this post and screenshot. It literally tells you why you can’t log on.


Oh, I’m always…on.

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I’m not joking, I didn’t know about the mantainence that’s all :joy:


I guess what he is saying is the message clearly states what’s going on and self-explains your title!


Yeah I think it’s just the fact the notice in the screenshot tells you what it is yet you still posted here asking. That’s why people are saying these things here.

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All I was saying was: I can’t log in. Is this a glitch?
I was saying that because I was unaware that mantainace happens every so often. I thought it was only before majour updates.


Oh yeah completely understand that. But there’s never glitches like that where it says they are doing maintenance but it’s a glitch.


Thanks for the info, I’ll remember for next time :joy:

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