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Ummmmm... wut the

There’s a glitch of the math here

See if you can fix this, thank you!


I’ve noticed this too… it hasn’t really created any difference to me but if you are unlucky your opponent could survive with 1 hp


@Mortem_Rex It’s odd for this ability to not inflict full damage. Kindly contact support at with the steps to reproduce the issue included in your message. Thank you!

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Actually @Ronald this looks to be an error with the dynamic text. If you look, the strike says it’ll do 880 damage, so it stand that the rampage should be doing 1760, not 1761 as the text says.


Yeah like someDinoguy said, the text in the ability description changed but the in battle calculation stayed the same. So there’s bound to be errors.

No problem!

Ya I have been having it too but it’s understandable as they don’t have decimals in game so they round off