Hi everyone.
If LUDIA thinks it’s worth anyone putting money in to a game that is unbalanced and putting a subscription almost £9pm £118 for the year! Who ever came up with that idea is a genius or not on this planet!!!
Have a thought! For this.

There is no way of progressing to No1 position to see your hard earned grind of hours and months of hard work. Never to see your GT in that special spot. You gave this game all you have. Months of losing in battles thrusting times you could not win. No matter what you tried then you win a few Battles then lose more Battles. More grafting overtime on shear will power and no hard earned cash you know people are buying to win, but you still won’t put your money in to this game, And waste a bit of real cash on a Dino that you may only have used a few times. And it’s not used and your just seeing it lonely eating away at a lonely L10. Where you have now have Epics and Legendary Dinos.
You battle cheats or spoofers and still progress to that stage…
Then you spent months. Watching timers counters getting to 0 Seconds. Excitement of watching of an opening to see if you can put your Dino to a higher Level, NOPE It’s the Dino you forgot about a year ago. You got out of a bought box. That lonely level 10 2pts out of a 1000. Complete disappointment you traveled miles, Osid for the use of your data and bought new date plan. Fuel for your car. Your car may have broken down you needed a fix while you where trying to get that one Dino.

What I’m trying to say is Where is Ludia then?
They don’t have no special break down cover!
Or a special guy to come Push your car?
Or care about your family?
Or car if you spent £1000s on this game,
You could not afford to pay yout bills,
Or your kids have run up a debt?
No special person for that.

A Question? Whey do some of you players spend so much cash on a game?

If you bought this game in a shop and it was scratched or broken!
You take it back.

Why do Ludia put a box over a nursery school to where I live? I have told them about this.

Yes I have played this game for the 5 mins it’s worth.
Capture Dino DNA not bothered about what Dino it is.
I gave up caring about battles winning or losing to be honest.
Nothing is going to change regardless.
I wait for a box watch it spin or open gather my cash. Open a incubator for one battle and leave the game.
After I win ofcourse. With could take anything fro 1st go to 10 goes.
Then repeating over and over.
What do you guys think?
To be honest Ludia is the only winner out of this?
It’s no a challenge? No medals for stupid.
Ludia knows you want to buy a pretend character.


In all honesty… I think you just wasted about 5 mins if your life writing all of that. Not to say that your not correct. However, it is what it is and many of us found this out some months ago.

It’s like something called Marmite… you either love it or hate it :slight_smile:


Someones triggered that they cant be nimber 1 without spending money. I have spent a total of about 50 bucks in this game and have hit top 500 (now at 4340) tactics go a long way in this game as well as going out and hunting.

As far as car breaking down. If your car breaks down youre either driving 100s of miles in one sitting or in need of a new vehicle…nobodys forcing you to drive ( i walk for 90% of my dinos )


Nvm 4404 trophies now against ppl with higher lvl and better dinos all thanks to outsmarting them by baiting attacks :man_shrugging:


tl/dr: You don’t think it’s worth spending real money. You are angry because you can’t be #1 for free and in a couple of days. And you are mad there is a supply drop at your kids nursery…?

Don’t spend your money, let other people spend theirs.
#1 will only last for a second before someone takes the spot.
Games that require progression take time & energy, or time & money.
Maybe someone who works at your kids nursery likes to play on their break and appreciates the Supply drop there.


What… a had no idea what your talking about! Go tell someone who actually cares…
Yes I have a young son. But when people are being asked to go with mobile phones. Maybe you one who likes to actually take pictures.

Just to let you know it was a though not a rant not anything intended. I enjoy the game.
I have read people what has spent £1000s on a game… why? It’s was suppose to be a fun text. Is everyone like you full of hate? You like to sit behind a screen and write like a critic. About others thoughts. Did not expect any replies to be honest.
I don’t care about your opinion.


You put your thread under “General Discussion”… discussion is an exchange of thoughts, ideas and opinions.

If you didn’t want a discussion, why did you post on a discussion board?

I was addressing your concerns that you listed in your “thoughts”. I did not express any kind of “hate” at all.

Have a nice day!