Umoonasaurus Tournament 4/29-5/2 (2022)

From Twitter:
Bracketed tournament

60+: Aquatic tournament, unlocks Umoonasaurus
12-59: Land tournament, No Unlock


According to their weekly schedule, they had a Jurassic logo, so I’m a little disappointed it will be an aquatic battle, because my aquatic creatures are still babies. I will try to get as much SDNA as I can from the rankings.


Surprise, its an aquatic tournament.

Perfect excuse to do PVE this weekend

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This is my 1st Aquatic Tourney, so what to expect


Level 12 VIP and stronger has been enough to win in dom.

The stronger L40 legendary fish work, the weaker ones not so much.

Some stronger tournament L20s work, weaker ones not so much.

I typically do a meat shield, a balanced and a glass cannon, one of each class.

Have fun! I’m excited.

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Last aquatic tournament I was doing fine with creatures that had ferocity up to lvl 11 VIP. I still only have one lvl 11 VIP and the rest of the creatures are sitting below that in ferocity. We will see how it works this time…

Edit: I didn’t pay attention to that it’s umoonasaurus which I have already unlocked. We will see if I still give it a try. Nice to get some more experience in aquatic tournaments. But now it’s less stress.


Yes, I managed a win with a mix of L10 VIPs, L20 Tournaments and L40 Legendaries last time. As @Timmah says, start with heavy defense! Using a pair from one class and a single from another was useful most of the time. My loss rates were way higher than usual though depending on if I was advantaged or disadvantaged.

I am away this weekend so I probably can’t do this tournament though. Luckily I have unlocked Umoon in CoTs and have a couple of L20s so not missing the unlock. I find rewards are poorer in bracketed tournaments, as well.

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I have never done an aquatic tournament and I think it will be cool. Do you mind if I ask about your strategy? I have just gotten to the point of being able to stay in Dominator league and I was doing weak-strong-weak method, using the week as cannon fodder to get reserve points. But is it possible to win high-level tournament battles with your B-team using the method you outline? I may need that for this tournament sinceI have a lot of level 10 VIPS and not much above that…

You would need much stronger fish than VIP L12 for fmf.

VIP L12 Teams will win about 80% of the time.

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It is bracketed. So i think the strength of your oponents depend on your strongest creatures. So the important thing is to have many fish with a similar strength on the top of your roster.

Bracketed tournaments work based on park level, not your top fish/Dino.

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Okay, interesting.
So Level 70 and 80 have different oponents?

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Everyone above Level 60 fights for the moon! You will battle with Level 60 people and Level 99 people (or bots). It will be a hard battle to get to DOM for me. My fish need more love.

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There seems to be some correlation between Park Level and opponent AFS during bracketed tournaments. Those of us at Park Level 99, tend to report more difficult opponents than those closer to the cutoff for the Heavyweight Bracket (Park Level 60). And those players in non-Heavyweight Brackets report MUCH easier opponents


The important things to remember are

  1. Bring strength from the beginning
  2. The tournament rewards strength with more trophies (up to a point)

Some observations on earlier Aquatic bracketed tournaments

Some thoughts on maximizing trophies in bracketed tournaments of all types


Thanks for this! It’s very useful!

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I am not sure but last aquatic tournament was easier to me (my park was about level 70, now I am 80)
My max is level 10 VIP ferocity, and I won top 10 in dom.
This time I can only get in the predator league (rank 90-100).

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I think I remember the last one being a little easier than normal aquatic.

I’m winning about 80%. If I make a mistake, I tend to lose with VIP L12.

I do a lot of meat shield/cannon/cannon, one of each class.

I like my banana and krono fishes.

First run made
A little bit more difficult than previous banana aquatic tournament I think
Good luck everyone!

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