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Un balances battles


Ludia, explain why you will not let me into the Avairy arena?? I get so close, then you take 400 trophies away due to un-balanced battles! You need to make these battles more fair. I can’t compete with teams that have dinos level 25 plus and my highest is maybe 23


If you can’t crack Aviary because of higher level creatures, doesn’t that tell you you don’t belong yet?
Everyone reaches a wall at some point. Keep leveling your creatures and battling, and eventually you’ll get there.


2 months ago I would say level 23 could get you into the Aviary but the St. Patrick’s day event and more people leveling their creatures has caused the average team level in Aviary to get higher and higher. As Arden’s said: keep leveling your dinos and try not to get discouraged. You’ll get there eventually.


Ah well, I had 4666 trophies yesterday, yes a very weird number^^ since then I got caught into a losing streak and dropped to 4450 trophies.
All opponents had the RNG advantage and I had almost nothing.
Dropped 200+ trophies before I knew it.

Yes I am frustrated, but nothing that I can do about it, Just hoping for better days in the next patch.
I know that ludia is aware of these issues that players have in the arena.


No, that’s not what it means, sorry. And how can I level up my creatures if the game doesn’t give me who I need to level up? It’s probably the most lop sided game I’ve ever played.


No, that’s exactly what it means. If there are people in Aviary with 25+ creatures, you won’t win consistently until you are on par. There are a lot of people, now, that have teams like that. No one is sitting around trying to LET people advance beyond them. You need to get out and FIND what you need, creatures aren’t just going to walk up to you just because you need them.


Yh the arena is harder but you do have to make sone graft of your own ludia may give us loads of free dna but you got to go find alot of it yourself


If your top dino is at 23, then you’re not ready for Aviary. I have five at 23 and one at 24 and I’m not ready. I keep getting there but drop back quickly. This level is when progression starts to get really slow and you need to grind a lot to evolve your dinos. Sorry, but that’s the game.


The hardest and most frustrating part is trying to level my team up. I do play frequently and move around the best I can when I’m not working to capture dinos. Irritator gen 1 and Orangasaurus are the hardest to find and I’m so close to getting their hybrids, but their like impossible to find


Uhhhhhh because irritator gen 1 isn’t in the wild…


And if you can’t find ourano, use the field guide app. That’s why it exists.


Like @MattPlays said, Irritator doesn’t spawn in the wild. As for Ourano, and any other wild-spawning creature, everyone is in the same boat more or less.
Those higher level creatures that beat you… they belong to someone who’s playing the same game you are.


You can do it the same way the rest of us did. Keep at it and be active


There is someone in my alliance with a 24 thor and their still im sorna? You think level 23s are gonna get you in avairy? Lol… so you can fight more people with even higher level dinos… so you can come and cry about how the avairy isnt fair?


Yeah I was about to say…losing 200 trophies on a bad run isn’t exactly a thing that is non aviary exclusive either…


Not to mention the recent ban wave… less opponents means an increased chsnce your gonna be matches against someone significantly higher/lower then you.


Did they ever get the field guide on iOS? I completely forgot about it until I read your post. Know that I will be sitting here with fingers crossed with bated breath until I get your response. (But seriously, I do want to know plz)


You want to get to avairy, stop focusing on dinos like Magna and focus on leveling what you already have. Can you show us what you’re working with please?:wink::popcorn:

You want to get up on that board, you need to play this game like it’s a job. Already have a job, you say? Too bad. You now have 2. Same goes for time with family and friends. If you’re playing this game to be the best there ever was and see your name in lights up on that board but all other areas of your life seem to be suffering because of it… Congratulations, now you’re doing it right :raised_hands::handshake::+1:


ugh… ill do it for you…