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Un-nerfed Monolometrodon needs Nerfing again

You all know this LEGENDARY Mono-crap was nerfed fairly recently. However, an un-desired side effect of the Resilient Strike/Impact attack move nerfing was the loss of the counter to the speed-boosted Mono-craps. Now, this LEGENDARY tool is near-UNIQUE status again.

At minimum, remove all immunity to Reduced Damage.

Nerf it again, please !!!

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The recent nerf to Monolometrodon already was too much. Now it is absolutely useless.
If you really do still have an issue with it, you might have to consider changing your team…


It’s fine when I use it first it does like with the 2 creature.

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no brachio can handle it before then no to the nerve

I agree completely along with Rixis, they both basically went to their pre nerfed states.

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Nah they don’t need nerfing both got hit decently hard.
Rixis no longer has the brute strength to 1 shot now
Mono lost its rampage, which it means it has no turn 2 dmg vs a resilient.
With rixis, as long as your stun resistant your fine
They might be strong in the lower arenas but in library plus its not an issue because they get classed by the later game unqiues.


No, I think it’s fine. It can’t be as fast as the better speedsters out there and can be heavily distracted so I think it’s fine.

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You can’t be serious. It was already fairly nerfed just a few updates ago plus the problem you stated IS NOT because of metrodon, it’s because of how problematic the resilient nerf was as a whole. There are OTHER deceleration moves like superiority and group deceleration moves that can do the job just as well is the resilient moves could.

It’s not like this update gave mono it’s rampage and 50% distraction resistance back. Mono is a cunning-fierce meaning it’s counter is cunning and not resilient anyway. Ever tried using Smilonemys or Erlikospyx? Even my Indoraptor (which is said to be one of the worst uniques) easily kills metrodon. If (almost) EVERY SINGLE epic cunning can beat it, it’s no where near unique status.


and brachio (before)

False. Rixis can no longer slow, the resilient nerf also indirectly affected rixis. Rixis is fine as is and so is mono. Neither of them can compete very well in the last 3 arenas.


Rixis had it’s stats changed and a slow immunity changed to resistance, which doesn’t work well anymore since all Resilient moves (strike, impact, rampage) inflict vulnerability which it’s immune to. And the stats wasn’t even the wrong part about Rixis, it was it’s move set, a hybrid composed of 2 fierce and 1 resilient should have more fierce aspects than resilient.

Same thing for Monolomet, slowing isn’t as common, so it’s a lot better than its nerfed state, it got even better this patch because it can’t be made vulnerable. And with 2 impacts which it can chain for 4.5x damage and a strike which just nullifies, it’s a lot better than Magna still.

Rixis loses match ups it didn’t lose prior to this patch but wins a lot more in others, Monolomet is just winning more than it did.

Wow. Just wow.

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Magna is way better than Monolom. They both may have somewhat similar stats and roles, but Magna handles almost every creature better. Magna has absolutely no problem dealing with slow, giving it a better matchup against creatures like Maxima, Gemini, and Smilonemys, while Monolom struggles against these. Magna also has much more damage output, which benefits Magna extremely well with its speed and resistances.


Actually Metrodon never was better than Magna. And since Metrodon got nerfed that hard it is not even closely as good as Magna is.

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Rixis is a resilient not a fierce regardless of its components. Therefore it gets 2 of its moves from its resilient component. You keep saying resilient doesn’t slow, slow resist is pointless because resilients won’t slow it anymore like resilient moves are the only moves that slow/use to slow in this game. As far as matchups are concerned alot of the most common epic dinos (because other then lower arenas tournaments are the only place where you will face rixis regularly) used in tournies are immune to vulnerable or resistant. I’m not sure what match ups in that situation make rixis “better” than it was before. I know the procerat and a few others have a higher chance of beating it now due to it’s slow being gone. That’s all I’m going to say though, you are complaining about nerfing things that have already been nerfed and can no longer hang higher up. If you are in a spot where these issues truly cause you trouble my only recommendation is to level stuff up and get better at battling.

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uh, no. Mono is one of the few legendaries you can evolve WITHOUT buying incubators at $20+ a pop. sure if you play 12 hours a day you MIGHT be able to get the epic DNA to combine… in a year or 2. Mono is fine as she is. if the nerf bat needs to be swung look at the scorpius’

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Or Skoona, Testa, Magnus, and Hadros