Unable to accept friend request

For 2 days now I have been trying to accept a friend request from a recent opponent outside my alliance. Every time when I tap “ACCEPT” nothing happens. Everything else I tap on works fine so it’s not screen sensitivity.

This hasn’t happened before so I don’t know if it’s a bug or what it could be. Any suggestions are appreciated!

If this continues I will send him a friend request after his request expires, but maybe there’s something I can do.

Now I wonder if some players who I thought rejected my friend request were unable to accept it :thinking:

Thank you!

Here you go something to try to see if you could add via share link:

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Oddly, when I logged in earlier I had another friend request I could accept without problem, but still not the other one.

Are some users blocked from accepting friend requests, maybe due to age? Makes no sense though because unless you’re in the same alliance you can’t communicate with them.

It’s definitely a bug. How severe not sure. However, another way of doing it is to have both friend send each other the friend request and both click accept then both reboot. Had to troubleshoot within the alliance of folks trying to friendly and not being able to add friend as well. Somehow the transmission isn’t successful where the request is in limbo while you see the visual glitch/dilemma.

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I had the same issue. Customer Service said I had too many friends, and I had to delete some in order to add more. I deleted everyone with zero trophies (meaning they haven’t played since the last update). After that, I was able to accept friends again. Not sure if it was a legit answer, or just something to make me go away :frowning:

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Hey DPG members, sadly, 50 friends is supposed to be the maximum limit at the moment. :sweat:

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but i have about 90…

I have 74…

50 is only the limit for sending requests. If u get requests, u can have a ton of friends. I have 113. Haven’t been able to send requests since 50 tho

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