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Unable to access my account

Im unable to get into my account. If I pick my account it says wifi issue, otherwise it works fine. I haven’t gotten banned for anything and I tried deleting and reinstalling the game? What should I do?

Hey niranjann_gandhi, could you please contact our support team at Our team would be happy to take a look at your account.

If you have your support key available, please include it in the email as well.


I dont have it available

No worries. Our team will do their best to try and track down your account info once they receive your message/email. :slight_smile:

would it be highest chance done by tonight? I want to finish my health strike tower

The response time will depend on the current ticket volume as our team usually answers tickets in the order that they come in. @niranjann_gandhi

can you contact your group about something about something. After reading what it said, it said Ive hacked/spoofed/cheated when Ive never done so. Maybe they got something wrong?

because Im missing out on a strike tower for something Ive not even done

also before reading this message, I tried means of getting back my account by creating a new one and then trying log into google play and restore my account, it said I would restore my account by switching accounts. I did it and instead it synced the new account with my google play, is there a fix? I worked a good 18 months in this game and dont want to lose progress

I’m sorry to hear that, niranjann_gandhi. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over our support team’s ban procedures here on the forums.

If you believe there was a mistake, please don’t hesitate to create a follow-up message to our team on your previous ticket.

I did they said you can’t repeal the ban, I missed out on the strike tower due to this. Hopefully it does not happen again